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Extra Fluffy Marshmallows ☁ gluten free, keto & paleo


  1. Marilyn Waggoner says:

    5 stars
    Hi, everyone, I’m wondering if a person could get “toastable” marshmallows by substituting egg whites for the gelatin. My mother had a recipe for “Seafoam Icing” which she used to frost her mayonnaise cakes. It was very good, but one time I didn’t do something right and ended up with very very thick frosting which felt and tasted like marshmallow creme. It consisted of egg whites, salt, and cream of tartar beaten to stiff peaks. 2 cups of sugar was boiled in 1 cup of water, if I remember correctly 55 years later. This hot syrup was drizzled into the beaten egg whites while beating with an electric mixer on high speed. No scraping of the sides of the pan was allowed! This resulted in a very fluffy frosting. I still don’t know what I did differently when I ended up with marshmallow instead of frosting, but perhaps some of you experienced cooks & chefs out there can come up with a toasted marshmallow & share it with us. 😍

    • Unfortunately not with the sugar free sweeteners Marilyn (the ‘toastability’ is only a property of sugar). But I am working on a paleo recipe with maple syrup, as a healthier alternative than the corn syrup store-bought ones when you *really* want to toast them (casseroles etc). xo!!

  2. Jann says:

    2 questions if I may. I use monk fruit as my sweetner at home can this be used here as an alternative?

    Second question- can these be made into Rice Krispies?

    Thank you


    • Stefanie B says:

      I’m about to try this recipe with agar agar powder. I’ve heard that it’s close to a one to one substitute ratio. I normally make this with the xylitol/ allulose mixture. I will take picture and let you know how they turn out.

  3. marisela muela says:

    My daughter has made these for me 3 times already> Wow these are delicious and taste just like a regular marshmallow !! She did use Allouse and they came out so good Im going to make them and give them as a gift to my diabetic friend! Thank you so much for this recipe, I know its been a while since you shared it, but keto Paleo and low carb are so big right now!!

  4. Brooke says:

    These are sooo good! I’m trying not to eat all of them before I Use them in other recipes! I used allulose and love the texture.

  5. Melanie says:

    These are amazing! My 4 year old twins LOVE them! I made them with allulose, how do I store them? I didn’t see it in the post…
    Thank you so much for all of your wonderful recipes!

  6. Tania says:

    I tried this recipe last night and the marshmallows never dried out :/ tried again this morning thinking maybe it was too warm in my apartment the previous evening but same results. I followed the recipe to a T and am really disappointed it didn’t work. What a waste of allulose.

    • Katherine says:

      Same thing happened to me the first time so today I added 3 teaspoons of gelatin to the 3 table spoons called for Christmas n the recipe and I added an additional 1/2 cup of xylitol – maybe if you just tweak the recipe like I did? Worked out for me 2nd go around

  7. Bonnie Middlebrook says:

    Hi!! Could you specify what the brand name of sweeters you use? I use Monk Fruit and Swerve, but I don’t know which one is xylitol and which is allulose and the other one…Thank you!

  8. Vicki says:

    5 stars
    I just made these with 2/3 c xylitol and no additional sweetener and I love them! Thank you for all the amazing recipes.

    Now, I have a food science question: Have you made these without any sweetener at all? Curious about the structure but lazy, too😉

  9. Emma Helton says:

    4 stars
    These are lovely, and I have ONLY one complaint, which is nevertheless overshadowed by the good things about this recipe.

    In my opinion, they taste exactly like regular marshmallows. There was absolutely no aftertaste like how there is when you make things using other sugar replacements. They were easy to make, too, in spite of how precise you had to time certain steps. The whole process was actually kind of fun!

    My ONLY complaint is that they don’t roast well, like over a fire. They liquified before they even started toasting. Same thing happened when I tried to make s’mores in the microwave and in an air fryer. Granted, this was my first batch and I may have done something wrong, and I realize the ingredients used for these are different to some extent to regular marshmallows, but I wonder if there was a way to use this recipe and make marshmallows that will actually roast.

    • Stevie T says:

      It’s not you – traditional marshmallows roast well because of the sugar, so the lack of sugar is why these melt rather than roast. It looks like Paola will be working on a maple-syrup-based marshmallow for roasting, so fingers crossed!

  10. Danyell says:

    If you don’t do a “hard whip” on these, is it possible to make marshmallow fondant with them? I hated– told myself that I hated– fondant, but it was my way of coping with not being able to enjoy it because of all the sugar. Have you tried this yet, Paola? Thanks in advance. My household loves you btw, and we use at least one of your recipes 4-5 times a week!
    Hugs from the Netherlands

    • Kathy Charest says:

      Did you ever try this? I’m curious. I’m a baker and I’ve often wondered if I can make a keto fondant for keto cakes and cookies.

  11. Jess says:

    Hi, what are the measurements in grams? I’m a bit confused about what size cups would be used for the xylitol etc?

  12. Tresa Lovejoy says:

    5 stars
    These look great! I want to try to use them for a keto version of ” Rice crispy treats” with the new HighKey cereal. Do you buy any chance have any suggestions on how to convert this to marshmallow creme for fluffenutter sandwiches? It’s a mix of marshmallow creme and peanut butter.

    • Yanni says:

      Hi Tresa. I mixed LC coconut with half of my batch before it fully set. Yum!! As long as you mix your Rice Krispies into your mixture after it’s fully whipped but before it sets, you’ll be fine. Please tell us how it works out. I’m going to order the High Key cereal and try it also. Good Luck!🤗

  13. Claire Marson says:

    You can now get allulose on Amazon.ca. I’m in Canada too and get it there now as before I was ordering it from the US.

    • Chari says:

      I am not sure if Target is just in the states, but they have Allulose really reasonable, much better deal and more convenient than Amazon when you need it right now.

  14. Lia671 says:

    Have been making these for at least two years now. I use Allulose and another brand called Superlose. they come out great! I use your marshmallows to make low carb rocky road ice cream and it comes out just like the sugar laden stuff, but healthier. I have tried toasting them over the stove and yes, they do toast! not as toasty as the sugary ones, but they toast. Thanks Paola.

  15. Phillippa Graham says:

    Hello. Thank you for all the fantastic recipes. I have a question regarding the tablespoon measurement, in New Zealand our Tbsp is 15mls however in Australia theirs is 20mls. What are you basing yours on please, I am going to make the marshmallows today 😋

  16. Louise says:

    Have you used Monk fruit sweetener to make these? I use that always and wondering if that will work as I do not have the other sweeteners on hand.

  17. Allyson says:

    5 stars
    I CANNOT STOP EATING THESE! Seriously hitting the spot I’ve been missing. I used 1.5 cups of xylitol and was a bit too sweet, but still love them. I will use less next time. Nonetheless, I’m addicted. Thank you for this recipe!

    • Ja says:

      Has anyone tried w out any “sweetener”? I know I know, why would you want that, but I don’t love how any of these sweeteners taste and curious if you can make it w out.

  18. Marion Hartley says:

    I was unsure about the amounts of xylitol. Did you mean 2 cups plus 2/3 cups or 2/3 to 2 cups Xylitol? I think I misread the recipe and although it whipped up beautifully I’m afraid that I used way too much Xylitol.
    I’m Canadian and allulose is not available in Canada.

  19. Dora says:

    Hello Paola, thank you for sharing all your amazing recipes with us. I’m on a mission to get my children on keto and my 5 year old loves marshmallows. I really want to try this recipe but could you please clarify whether I need to use granulated or powdered xylitol for this recipe? Thank you so much.

  20. Rita says:

    5 stars
    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again….you are a freaking genius!!!
    Mine were perfect! I used xylitol and followed your easy instructions exactly!
    Thank you so very much for helping all of us stay on this lifestyle by continually sharing your amazing recipes❤️

  21. Sonja says:

    5 stars
    WOW! Thankyou Paola for another AMAZING recipe! To be honest I was nervous to make these at first…. but I told myself “I can do this!” So followed your instructions EXACTLY. I had everything ready. I used 2 1/3 cup Xylitol (I use XyloSweet), was confused by your 23/2…measurement, but figured it out. Anyway…. 15 min. was perfect amount of time with my Kitchen Aid. The mixture was weird looking at first, but I said just trust Paola, keep beating!!! I added little Stevia & Butter Vanilla by Lorann… OMGosh. It was so creamy and thick, absolutely beautiful. I was stunned!!!! Never had made marshmallows before. They were so delicious… YUMERAMA! Going to make your Rocky Road now with them. Thank you so much. :)❤️

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