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Homemade honey marshmallow fluff topping a baked sweet potato

(Homemade!) Honey Marshmallow Fluff 🍯

November 22, 2023

With just four staple pantry ingredients, this homemade honey marshmallow fluff is beautifully light and glossy (and, yes, it can be charred!). (Homemade!) Honey Marshmallow… Read more

Pumpkin sourdough focaccia with caramelized maple garlic, goat cheese and sage baked in a red cast iron skillet

Sourdough Pumpkin Focaccia (with caramelized maple garlic!) 🍁

November 22, 2023

Crisp yet ultra plush and with pockets of caramelized maple garlic, goat cheese and sage, this sourdough pumpkin focaccia is bound to tickle all your… Read more

Charring a homemade maple marshmallow

(2 Ingredient!) Homemade Maple Marshmallows 🍁

November 22, 2023

Super easy, ultra fluffy and perfect for charring (i.e. s’mores!), these homemade maple marshmallows are completely refined-sugar free. Homemade Maple Marshmallows 🍁 With just 2… Read more

Pumpkin sourdough with a sugar cinnamon swirl sliced and showing the pumpkin shaping

Pumpkin Sourdough Bread (with a cinnamon swirl!) πŸ‚

November 20, 2023

She’s crisp, yet soft and ultra (ultra!) fragrant– she’s a pumpkin sourdough bread, with a cinnamon sugar swirl. Pumpkin Sourdough Bread πŸ‚ with a sugar… Read more

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