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Freshly baked grain free & keto croutons on a baking tray

Ultra Crunchy Keto Croutons (Two Ways!) ⚡ gluten free & low carb

July 8, 2020

Using our legit sandwich bread or our (3g net carb!) gnooda pasta as a quick hack, these extra crunchy keto croutons are bound to be the perfect addition for… Read more

Keto chocolate mousse with whipped cream

(Extra Fluffy!) Keto Chocolate Mousse-For-1 🍫 gluten free & paleo

July 6, 2020

Extra (extra!) fluffy and easy-peasy to whip up, this paleo and keto chocolate mousse is bound to satisfy any and all chocolate cravings! Paleo &… Read more

Keto pesto pasta with fresh basil and parmesan cheese in a black bowl

(Fairly Instant!) Keto Pesto Pasta 🍃 gluten free & dairy free

June 30, 2020

Using our (3g net carb!) gnooda pasta, this low carb and keto pesto pasta is the ideal weeknight meal: ultra speedy, ridiculously easy, yet a real… Read more

Gluten Free & Keto Wagon Wheels (i.e. S'mores Cookies!) #keto #lowcarb #healthyrecipes #chocolate #smores #marshmallows

Epic Wagon Wheels (i.e. Moon Pies!) 🌙 gluten free & keto

June 29, 2020

These gluten free and keto wagon wheels (or moon pies) are one epic s’mores cookie! Think an extra fluffy low carb marshmallow, sandwiched between our… Read more

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gnom-gnom’s Keto Speedy Comfort Food Cookbook
gnom-gnom’s Keto Speedy Comfort Food Cookbook



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