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(Homemade!) Honey Marshmallow Fluff 🍯

With just four staple pantry ingredients, this homemade honey marshmallow fluff is beautifully light and glossy (and, yes, it can be charred!).

Homemade honey marshmallow fluff topping a baked sweet potato

(Homemade!) Honey Marshmallow Fluff 🍯

sticky, light ‘n glossy!

A homemade marshmallow fluff has easily been one of the most requested recipes by y’all over the years… and it came out better than I could’ve possibly imagined, as the honey adds a truly stunning flavor note (particularly when paired with something like sweet potatoes). 

Like, this is one fancy pantsy marshmallow fluff! 

p.s. its also just lightly sweetened with honey, so no corn syrup etc (and I used about half the amount compared to “the standard”), so its still decadent but not cloyingly sweet 

p.p.s. legend has it that homemade marshmallow fluff can keep for up to two weeks at room temp stored in an airtight container (like, the egg whites are candy at this point)– but I want tbch that I haven’t yet been able to keep it for that long (i.e. I’ll update the post with the results in due time, but I can vouch that it’ll keep for a few days).

Freshly whipped homemade honey marshmallow fluff in the bowl of a stand mixer

the sweetener

I’ve tried this recipe with both maple syrup and honey and recommend the latter without question, as it whips more akin to a sugar ‘n corn syrup mix (extra sticky, super fluffy and ultra glossy).

The one thing of note is that while marshmallow fluff is generally made with your ‘sugar mixture’ reaching the soft ball stage (230-240°F), I’ve never been able to get either maple syrup or honey to heat past around 210°F (225°F for a honey water mixture, which is very close). Still, there doesn’t seem to be an issue whatsoever with its ability to fluff up and charr properly.

So while a thermometer is generally (highly!) recommended for fool proof candy making, given that once the honey comes to a rolling boil and begins to bubble up it the temperature stays the same… if you don’t have a thermometer on hand simply keep the mix on a rolling boil for about 2 minutes to ensure it’s reached its peak temp (but please do procure a thermometer for next time so you aren’t winging it!).

p.s. if maple syrup is your thing, it does make terrific homemade marshmallows

p.p.s. low carb sweeteners such as allulose, erythritol and xylitol most unfortunately don’t work here 100% as they lack “candy making” properties (i.e. they simply don’t reach the necessary temperature for a successful marshmallow fluff).

Closeup of honey marshmallow fluff atop a baked sweet potato showing its fluffy and glossy texture Charring homemade marshmallow fluff with a torch

Homemade honey marshmallow fluff topping a baked sweet potato

(Homemade!) Honey Marshmallow Fluff

With just four staple pantry ingredients, this homemade honey marshmallow fluff is beautifully light and glossy (and, yes, it can be charred!).
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Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 10 minutes
Whipping time 10 minutes
Total Time 25 minutes
Course Dessert, Side Dish
Cuisine American, European
Servings 6 cups
Calories 97 kcal


  • thermometer



  • My top tip: you also want to have *all* your ingredients handy, measured out, and make sure you won’t be disturbed for 15 minutes. Seriously! It's easy and quick, but you need to work through the steps continuously and quickly.
  • Add honey and water to a saucepan and heat up over medium heat, mixing gently until just incorporated (you want to ensure its mixed before it begins to heat up so it doesn't crystalize)(also if your raw honey was crystalized it'll take a minute to all come together). Continue to heat over low/medium heat, keeping an eye that it doesn't boil over and on the temperature (you want it to eventually reach 225ºF/107ºC).
  • Add egg whites and cream of tartar to your mixer with the whisk attachment and whip (over medium/high speed) until soft peaks form. Be sure to not over-whip, but your whites and honey should be ready at about the same time.
  • Once honey has reached 225ºF/107ºC, have your mixer running on medium and gradually pour the hot syrup in a slow and gradual pour (I wasn't so "gradual" once and the fluff survived, but try and temper your egg whites slowly). Continue whipping for 8 minutes on high speed, add vanilla extract and salt and whip for another 2 minutes.
  • Allow marshmallows fluff to come to room temperature and transfer to an airtight container.
  • And how long does it keep? Legend has it that homemade marshmallow fluff can keep for up to two weeks at room temp (stored in a cool, dry place). Tbch though I haven't yet had a whip last that long to test, but it will surely keep for a handful of days.


Serving: 2tablespoons | Calories: 97kcal | Carbohydrates: 23g | Protein: 1g | Fat: 0.03g | Sodium: 30mg | Potassium: 59mg | Fiber: 0.1g | Sugar: 47g | Vitamin C: 0.3mg | Calcium: 5mg | Iron: 0.3mg
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  1. Nancy says:

    I’ve a question regarding storage– doesn’t it need to be kept refrigerated? Like key lime pie with a whipped meringue topping with egg whites has to be kept in the fridge correct?

  2. Molly says:

    5 stars
    Today I’m thankful that you’re back to creating magic! Had no idea what to expect, but it tastes incredible. My father called it “the millennial hipster marshmallow fluff”, and in a good way because he says its a gift to make things a little more special. But now I’m wondering what to do with 6 cups…!

    • Paola van der Hulst says:

      Please make it’s so yum! I also have about 12 cups worth of it right now, and I’m discovering that it makes a great cold brew topping 😉

  3. Charlotte Moore says:

    Wow! This sounds so good. This is the first post I have gotten from you in many months. I don’t know why. Glad I finally got one.

  4. Sarah in CA says:

    5 stars
    I am thrilled to see your recipes again. You continually bless my family with your yummy recipes. All the very best to you. Hugs from the Southern Sierra Mountains.

    • Paola van der Hulst says:

      I’m so glad you’re here Sarah, thank you for the lovely note- many blessings to you and your family as well ☺️

    • Paola van der Hulst says:

      YES! But don’t bake it (can’t vouch that it’ll hold up as I haven’t tried, a light broil would likely work but I would recommend to torch it).

  5. Minny says:

    5 stars
    Lol lol it’s never too late for a marshmallow fluff recipe. Will do my best to make it tomorrow, but this weekend with leftovers for sure. Thank you Paola!

    • Paola van der Hulst says:

      Oh thank goodness! Its a quick recipe and yes, its one of those things that will liven up a meal with leftovers for sure. Have a great weekend Minny!

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