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Extra Fluffy Marshmallows ☁ gluten free, keto & paleo


  1. Katherine says:

    I tried this today I used Great Lakes gelatin pure unflavored, kosher beef, collagen hydrolysate, cup xylosweet, vanilla and followed the directions. I even made sure water/xylotol was at the right temp and added to mixer without letting cool at all. I mixed on high for 15 min and added the salt and Vanilla on time. It did not thicken did I use the wrong gelatin? So disappointed want to make marshmallows l.

  2. Cheryl says:

    5 stars
    I made these yesterday and they turned out so yummy! My kids (well, all of us) love them! I think I ended up using 2 cups of Allulose for the sweetener and a tablespoon of vanilla. (I don’t want to chance using xylitol since I have a little crumb-snatching dog who waits by the kitchen for anything to hit the floor.) They taste just like “real” marshmallows! They cut okay with a greased knife, but don’t appear to be as firm as in the photos you posted. I let them sit out all night, but even at the end of the day today they were still quite sticky. Is it just a matter of leaving them out longer, or did I maybe do something wrong (like too much sweetener or liquid) to make them more sticky than they should be?

  3. Jean says:

    hello I feel really silly asking but I am not sure about the measurements for the sweetner. what does 2/3-2 mean if I use xylitol or another sweetner. thanks for your help and have a blessed day. Jean

  4. Sara says:

    5 stars
    Made the marshmallows this week – amazing! But, I wanted to try to cover them in chocolate for a candy-like treat. I made my sugar free chocolate (baker’s chocolate & coconut oil w/ a bit of sweetner to taste), but when I try to dip my marshmallows, the chocolate either won’t stick or melts the marshmallow. Any suggestions?

    • Cheryl says:

      Maybe try freezing a few, then dip them or pour the chocolate over them, and see if that works. I’d like to know what you find that works because that’s a good idea that I might like to try later on. =)

  5. Kelcey says:

    I just made these and they are awesome. How do you store these? They seemed pretty sticky (I used allulose) and they are fine on the counter but long term storage???I can’t see putting them in a bag or they will stick together. I did sprinkle them with powdered Swerve and am hoping that will help.

  6. Joe says:

    Hi, thanks for the great blog. I tried these for the first time, using powedered Erythritol (couldn’t get hold of the others recommended). I followed the steps exactly, but after 35 minutes in a powerful stand-mixer, it was still just swishing liquid. I added a small amount of rose water instead of vanilla. Any idea what I did wrong?

  7. GaLadriel says:

    I’ve tried this recipe using xylitol twice and it definitely does not look like the photo.
    I’d like to ask what does 2/3-2 Cups mean? I used 1 cup xylitol for the recipe as stated in the brackets. “2/3-2 cups xylitol or allulose (we use 1 cup for xylitol & 1 1/3 cup for allulose)*”
    If I were to add the 2, it should read ‘OF’ not for. Wondering what is the ‘2/3-2 cup’ represents and what amount do I use of xytitol? I wish I could send you a photo. It looks nice in a cup of cocoa but I couldn’t get it thick or fluffy enough for cutting squares.

  8. Meredith says:

    My first marshmallows ever – awesome! I used a mix of half xylitol and half Confectioners Swerve plus one dropper full of vanilla stevia drops to sweeten. They did seem to start setting a little quicker than expected using speed 10 on my KitchenAid stand mixer but not knowing what I was doing I pushed on to the full 15 minutes. They still spread in my pan nicely just a little rough on the top which was fine with me. I could already cut them in an hour, had a cocoa hot and waiting so what was I to do?? The rest waited until morning for cutting. They really weren’t sticky at all but I went ahead and powdered them with the confectioners Swerve. Delicious and they melted into my cocoa just like the ‘real’ thing! PS I looked at several recipes which were all similar and went with Gnom Gnom because she had the best instructions and tips which as a marshmallow newbie was important to me. Thanks so much!

  9. galadriel lawrence says:

    hi i used xylitol but i found that the 15 min was too long. it was set and did roll out of the bowl.
    ill try it again just before it starts setting too quickly, pour it out.

  10. Gabrielle Krause says:

    5 stars
    These are delicious! I don’t know if I used a bit too much water, but are these generally more moist than traditional packaged marshmallows? I’m keeping them in a dry spot with paper towels lining the container. They are getting a little drier, but it’s been 5 days. I was hoping to be able to slowly dehydrate them but I don’t think it will work.

  11. Suzanne Storgato says:

    Do you ever bake with monk fruit? I find it has less of an after taste than other sweeteners. Do you think your marshmallow recipe would work with monk fruit?

  12. Hailee says:

    I’m thinking of using this recipe to top a “sweet potato” casserole for Thanksgiving! When heated, do the marshmallows “liquify” a bit and melt well? Thank you!

  13. Odile says:

    I’ll definitely try this but I’m looking for a recipe to use the farmers market pastured egg WHITES I have too many of because I put the yolk in my bulletproof cocoa every morning. Any ideas?

  14. Rhea98 says:

    5 stars
    Wow! So good. I did xylitol with a few drops of stevia glycerite and sucralose. I had no idea marshmallows were so easy. Thank you.

  15. Ali says:

    I love eating these by themselves as a sweet snack. Any thoughts on adding flavors to the marshmallows themselves? Wondering about adding cacao powder or a fruit extract.

  16. Alliyah Brown says:

    Hi, I used a vegetable gelatin and it didn’t work at all. It’s been sitting for 4 hours and it is as gooey as it was when I poured it in the pan. 🙁

  17. CTy says:

    Super excited to see this recipe- you just might have saved Christmas! Every Christmas I make marshmallows for when the granddaughters come over for cookie baking day. One of their jobs is to dust the marshmallows. The girls are not low carb–but grandma is and I usually end up getting kicked out of ketosis (and thrown into a binge) over homemade marshmallows–but now I will be able to make a stash just for me. Ordering allulose right now.

  18. Julie Graham says:

    You did it again! Had a big family gathering and these marshmallows were THE hit of the weekend. Used 2/3 cup xylitol, and about 10 drops regular stevia. Soooo good. You are a genius! (I also poured melted lilly’s Chocolate on some.Aso the bomb! Love your amazing recipes!! They make me look good! 🙂 and people start thinking maybe they too can do Keto!

  19. Anne says:

    I made these with about half xylitol and half granulated Splenda since that’s all I had on hand, and they are amazing! Too sweet for me (probably because of the Splenda) but other people thought they were just right so that’s just a personal thing.
    I did find they started to set along the side of the mixing bowl maybe halfway through the fifteen minutes. I’m not sure what I got wrong, but since I was making the moon pies anyway and just needed a thin layer, it worked out okay.

    Paola, did any of your test batches set way too quickly? Thanks!

      • Anne says:

        5 stars
        I got some allulose and made more this morning and they came out perfect! I don’t usually use splenda either, but I was at my parents house and really wanted to make your moon pies!
        So I’m pretty sure you’re right, and the splenda made something go wobbly. Thanks for responding!

  20. Julie says:

    5 stars
    Paola, these are AMAZING! I followed your directions exactly. Got everything ready ahead of time, didn’t stir water and xylitol (just shook the pan), heated to 250*, worked quickly when it was heated, added salt at 8 min and vanilla at 12, then poured quickly when 15 minutes was done. Perfection! They taste like…well…marshmallows. You’re directions were amazing! You are my keto dessert hero. 😀 We’re going to an outdoor party on Saturday and didn’t want my no-sugar, low-carb kiddos to miss out on the s’mores. Making your graham cracker recipe in a few minutes. Will use Lily’s for the chocolate. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Hoping to try your keto pasta someday soon.

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