Overnight Matcha Breakfast Bowl 🍵 gluten free, keto & paleo


  1. Mina says:

    I made this according to the recipe with 2 tsp/serving of matcha. We found the matcha way too bitter, despite adding loads of swerve to counteract it. I was going to eat it like tapioca pudding but decided to try making the smooth version to temper the bitterness. After adding a quarter of an avocado and some unsweetened vanilla almond milk (using up what I had on hand), it was a lot better. We added shredded coconut to the top and it added a nice texture contrast. As I made 6 servings total, I’ll go pick up some fruit and nuts to add as well tomorrow.

    Thanks for the recipe! Next time I’ll try a little less matcha powder if I plan to eat it like tapioca pudding instead of blending it. It is a great keto breakfast alternative compared to our usual bacon and eggs.

  2. GrasshopperCraig says:

    Is there an estimate for the Swerve/Xylitol/table sugar equivalent of sweetener as a first approximate to taste?

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