Suuuper Crispy & Puffed Tortilla Chips 🌶️ gluten free & keto


  1. Erin says:

    This has been my go-to for tortillas since I first tried it a couple weeks ago. Tried the chips last night. I put them into the hot oil in my pan (about 1/4-1/2 inch). They bubbled and sizzled. Some puffed up, some didn’t, and the ones that puffed up seemed to deflate when I put them onto the tray afterward. I put them into the oven for the allotted time, and – as they tasted delicious – I only had about 2 that were still puffed up. Something I could be doing different? Thanks 🙂

    • Paola says:

      Hi Erin! Try using a little less water next time, the dough will be stiffer but I’ve noticed it tends to puff up more (same with the tortillas). xo!

      • Erin says:

        Thank you. I tried using half the amount of water yesterday, as I always use the amount of water called for in your recipe, but my tortillas themselves haven’t puffed up like they should when I’ve made them. I think too wet of a dough may be the culprit, as you suspected. Doughs tend to be a bit more “wet” where I live (Pacific Northwest) and usually have to cut out some water. So maybe I will try cutting the water out completely next time and see how it works out! It’s all cooking science and I love it 🙂

        • Paola says:

          I’ve noticed that coconut flour varies A LOT in absorbency (and obviously eggs too). SO yes, maybe just cut out the water completely 😉

  2. Dave says:

    Chilaquiles are in my future! Thank you so very much for putting these recipes out! I can make my favorite breakfasts again, with only a slight modification to the flavor profile, so I’m happy. Now, I just need to make a low-carb mole sauce…

  3. Jennifer Olson says:

    Thank you for responding so quickly. I am going to make as the original serving states, for 8, I am sure it will all get eaten. What was I thinking…..LOL Thank you again.

  4. Jennifer Olson says:

    I want to make these tonight, but I don’t have a weighing thing weigh out the ingredients. Any suggestions? Thank you so much!

      • Paola says:

        Unfortunately because there is one whole egg it probably won’t turn out great unless you do the whole batch- but you can make a lot of other things with the dough (stove top pizza, ravioli, tortillas…)

  5. Jenny says:

    Hi Paola, I was just wondering if you’ve ever experimented this recipe using sweet corn extract? It’s rather spendy, but a little goes a long way. I used it (1/4 tsp)
    in a faux corn bread skillet and it gave it that corn-bready taste. I was just wondering if a little in here would give them the true corn chip taste. What do you think? I’m really excited to try these.

    • Paola says:

      Jenny I actually didn’t even know corn extract was a thing! I would definitely love to try it out in the tortillas. If you do would you mind reporting back?!

  6. Shannon says:

    Not to be weird…but I think I love you!😂😂 I usually never leave a comment after I’ve tried anyone’s recipes but I just had to Thank you so much for your tortilla and chips recipes! Mine never puffed up but I did I nly baked them. They were still amazing though!!😍 Can’t wait to try more of your stuff!

    • Paola says:

      Literally cracking up Shannon! So happy to hear these worked out so well, enjoy! 😉 and yup, if you want them puffy you’ll want to try them fried first (a bit longer, but seriously worth the effort!) xo!

  7. Devyn davidson says:

    Hi Paola!

    Quick question, how do you account for the cooking oil calories being added to the fried chips? I know you calculated the chips with the oil but where do you get the number? The tortillas are 80 cals each, then you add 1g of fat per tortilla? Is there any way to actually tell how much fat the frying oil adds? Thanks a bunch!

    • Paola says:

      I Devyn! I don’t believe I accounted for the oil (honestly impossible to calculate accurately without special equipment). At the very least it’s only fats, so you won’t be adding any carbs :-S!!xo!

  8. Devyn davidson says:

    It’s really important to get these thin. You will probably be able to see through them at the edges if you handroll them like I did. These were phenomenal though!! Another perfect recipe!

    • Paola says:

      So happy you loved them Devyn! And thanks for reporting back and emphasizing on the thinness- it really is important! xo!

  9. Rick says:

    I was just wondering how many are in a serving. I keep seeing all these good recipes on line, with the nutritional info per serving, but no one says how much a serving is… It’s really frustrating to me…

    • Paola says:

      Hi Rick! Right above the nutrition label it reads: Please note that we estimated nutrition facts for a 30g fried serving (i.e. one tortilla = 8 chips). Uncooked, the dough should weigh 26g. And one batch will yield 8 tortillas = 64 chips (number of servings is always in the upper part of the recipe card).

  10. dianars says:

    These have become a staple for us! They puff up so nicely and end up nice and crisp. We’ve used a bunch of oils here, and lard is very nice but since we cannot get hold of it always we’ve been using refined coconut oil as of late and it also works great. Particularly yummy also with your spicy topping 🙂

    • Carla S says:

      I suppose finding lard depends on your area of the country. I find it in my local HEB grocery store. We have a Walmart, but I haven’t looked there.
      I haven’t tried the recipe yet, but I will as soon as I have the rest of the ingredients. I’m new to the low carb culture.

  11. EpicuriousByNature says:

    So I made the tortilla’s for the first time Saturday night and was very pleased!! I kept 3 of my dough balls wrapped up in the fridge to make chips another night… that night was tonight and I’m so happy. I made a version on your chili on Saturday… it was mostly your recipe but I had to change up a few spices based on what I had and keeping the heat at the right temp for my husbands tastebuds. I give you the accolades because the chili is awesome!!
    Anywho… I digress… I used the chili inside lettuce tacos! Gnoms!! Since I had 4 perfectly ripe avocados on the counters I made a batch of guacamole and decided to roll out the 3 balls of dough I had left! They were great! I didn’t use the spice recipes you have listed (YET) but used some pink salt and garlic powder. They were tasty and I’ll be making them again in the near future!!

    Thanks again… another successful recipe!

  12. Heather says:

    Rolled thin, 8 tortillas per batch, followed exactly, baked and didn’t even puff in the slightest. Taste is off too. :(. Not sure what went wrong.

    • Paola says:

      Hi Heather! For them to puff up completely you must fry them first! The picture below the cooking section is what they look like baked (uneven puffing).

      Now, I’m not in the kitchen with you so I cannot tell you what went wrong but here are a few pointers:
      – the flours vary A LOT brand by brand, also taste wise. Also how you store them can have an effect as well as almond and coconut can soak up moisture.
      – the surface on your tray. Metallic with parchment works best as it conducts heat (baking mats would prevent puffing here)
      – too much liquid? if your dough is too soft you are probably adding too much liquid (now this can come from very large eggs or even cup measuring…).
      – for consistent results I always suggest the scale.

      Hope this helps! xo Paola

  13. Jessica says:

    So I’m in love with these tortilla chips! We have made them twice this week alone! Ours never puffed up but they still tasted amazing and were really crunchy. But as I was making them the last time, I couldn’t help but notice how sturdy and wonton wrapper like the dough is once flattened. Do you think I could use them as a wonton wrapper to make some homemade keto wonton soup? Or even pan fried/steamed wontons? I think either way I’m going to try it tonight – I just didn’t know if you had any suggestions. Thank you!

  14. Angella says:

    Cant get then to puff up. Rolled out different thicknesses even paper thin and they didnt puff either. Any chance you could do a video making them. Any other suggestions.

    • Paola says:

      Hi Angella! Well that’s definitely not good! Can I ask what brand of xanthan gum you’re using? What oil are you using for and is it VERY hot? I cannot think of what else would be causing them not to puff…

      I’m working on a video and have already shot the part where they’re put in the oil and puff up. Ff you shoot me an email to I can gladly send you that part so you see more or less how it goes.

      Otherwise the full video won’t be ready for a few more weeks (we’re doing a composite with another recipe). xo! Paola

    • Paola says:

      Hi Tami! We found that this depends a bit on your climate and how well you store them? In an airtight container and a normal climate you’ll be good!

      But we whipped them up by the seaside just last week and had to pop them back in the oven the next day for a quick dry out.

  15. Mary Anne Guevara says:

    Your tortillas are already a staple in our home! I had also already been making chips for guac with them, but cooking them first and then cutting them up and lightly toasting them. It was hard to keep them from over browning, as you mentioned… but still tasty so tbh no one cared!

    I decided to give them a go raw in the oven yesterday and WOW! I went ahead and brushed them with some olive oil at the start and sprinkled some pink salt. Almost all of them puffed up, though maybe not as even as yours which were fried! But they were AWESOME! Took about 15 minutes to get them all nice and golden and the whole family loved them!

    • Mary Anne Guevara says:

      I forgot to ask: I want to give frying them a go but I don’t want to use lard as I cannot find it organic… do you think something like coconut oil would work? Thank you! Mary Anne

      • Paola says:

        Hi Mary Anne! So glad you’re enjoying the tortillas!

        If you’re good with the taste of coconut oil then go for it! They really only need a small amount of oil to puff up, so any vegetable oil will do (expect olive oil, which you really should never use for frying).

        xo! Paola

      • Toni says:

        Use refined coconut oil if you want the oil to be flavorless!! That’s what I use so everything doesn’t taste like coconut! Works perfectly!
        I’m really looking forward to making these… hopefully tomorrow…

    • Paola says:

      Hi Soraya! They do indeed cook, but never crisp up… it seems that the coconut and almond flour simply soak it up rather than crunch up. So you need to subsequently dry them out in the oven for a few.

      I’m unsure about the air frying. I am certain they would cook, but I cannot tell you if they will puff.

      In my experience, it’s the immediate high heat of the oil which makes them puff almost instantaneously…. which is why in the oven they puff up somewhat (but more unevenly).

      Hope this helps! xo Paola

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