Suuuper Fudgy Cocoa Brownies 🍫 gluten free, keto & paleo

More Chocolate Goodies! 🍫


  1. dianne says:

    No way!! That was my go-to brownie recipe before I started doing keto!! I’m definitely making these thanks!

    • Paola says:

      It was my favorite brownie recipe before I was diagnosed with celiacs! I have made so many versions of it, but it’s really outstanding with almond flour (and lowering the sweetener a tad!) xo hope you enjoy them Dianne!

  2. Emily Buchanan says:

    They’re still cooling but OMG the batter tasted incredible!! I also sneaked in a taste and WOW they’re PURE FUDGE!!

  3. Rayan says:

    I don’t use artificial sweeteners, but am on low carb/Keto. I have organic honey and wholesome molasses. I would probably cut the sweetness in half. Any idea on whether those would work? Maybe it won’t work? Thank you again for your amazing recipes.

    • Paola says:

      Hi Rayan! I have made them with maple syrup before and they worked just as well (albeit a little longer bake time needed). I haven’t made them with honey yet, but I don’t see why not?! These are on the sweet side, so you could definitely cut down the sweetness (I’m not sure if by half, but definitely a bunch). Perhaps taste a bit as you go when you’re melting the butter with the cocoa? Just keep in mind that you’ll be adding in the eggs and almond flour after.

      The original recipe by Medrich was designed to be made with whatever variation of ingredients you had in your pantry. And I’ve made them for the past decade with so many variations, so they’re a very forgiving recipe. The results might be different with each, but still super yummy!

      Hope this helps! xo!

    • Paola says:

      Hi Tracy! Unfortunately no, only 1-1 sweeteners to sugar would work as low carb subs (so swerve, xylitol or lakanto). xo!

  4. Kate says:

    I’m leaving a review because these are simply some of the most wonderful brownies I’ve ever made wow!! I used xylitol and valrhona (I saw you knew your stuff when you recommended it!!) and everyone in the house devoured them last night!! Incredibly fudgey, moist and chocolatey! What a fantastic recipe thank you!

  5. emma stein says:

    BEST. BROWNIES. EVER!!! OMFG they’re so fudgey and rich!!! I couldn’t believed they were 1g net so i double checked and got 0.95g lol!!! I cannot believe your recipes, I generally do the ‘how is this keto?!’

  6. Tenaya Polston says:

    These were delicious! I’ve had hit or miss luck with the keto baking I’ve done so far, but these are going to be my go-to brownies. Deeeelish!

  7. Rochelle says:

    How much of a cooling effect does the Swerve cause at that level? I’ve noticed the cooling effect with Swerve, Honeyville Farms and Now brand Erythritol. Thanks!

    • Paola says:

      Hi Rochelle! TBH I didn’t get the cooling effect here, but it’s also an individual taste bud thing! If you get it quite a bit, have you tried xylitol instead? xo!

  8. Ashley says:

    This is a darn good brownie recipe! They didn’t turn out as fudgy as the pictures but I am satisfied with how they turned out!

  9. Francesca says:

    does the coconut sugar still fit into a Keto diet? i can’t find Swerve in any stores near me but i can get hold of coconut sugar!
    so excited to try them!!!

    • Paola says:

      Hi Francesca! Unfortunately coconut sugar is for the paleo option. Can you get hold of pure erythritol (the sweetener in Swerve?) xo!

  10. Linda says:

    Hi Paola, I made the brownies, weighed all the ingredients, but didn’t have the same almond flour or cocoa. The batter turned out super thick. I baked them anyway, loved the flavor! They reminded me of a fudge texture by dryer. I’m not sure what I did wrong. Do you have any recommendations? Thank you!

    • Paola says:

      Hi Linda! Glad you liked the flavor! I’m not sure exactly what happened without being in the kitchen with you, but let’s go through a couple things! When did the batter thicken up for you? For me (and I’m working on editing a video for you guys), when melting the butter with the cocoa and swerve it’s almost paste like and hard to stir. But when I whisk in the eggs the batter loosens up and becomes nice and smooth. Then the almond flour makes it a bit grainy and thicker, but it’s still pourable.

      I was talking to another reader on Facebook (she is a cook and a blogger too), and she said the same thing as you (though she fiddled around with the quantities a bit). What we think happened in her case was that she was using coconut oil and her eggs may have been so cold that when she added them into the batter the coconut oil went back to it’s solid state and the batter became too thick to whisk. Does this sound like something that could’ve happened to you as well?

      Hope this helps! xo!

      • Linda says:

        Hi Paola,

        I couldn’t whisk the butter, swerve and cocoa together, had to stir it was so thick. I did put it in the microwave again to see if it would thin out, which it did. Then added the two cold eggs, the batter did loosen up a bit. When I added the almond flour thats when it got super thick. The batter was never loose enough to pour into the pan, had to be scooped. I mean, I’m still going to eat it, because it is really good! Just miss chewy brownies with crunchy edges. Thank you for all the delicious recipes.

        • Paola says:

          Oh that’s weird about the almond flour! What brand are you using? You weighed the ingredients right?

          • Linda says:

            I used California superfine which is a kirkland (costco brand) I did weigh it. I will try the recipe again and let you know how it turns out.

          • Paola says:

            Thank you Linda! Try with the rooms at room temperature (I’m changing that in the recipe). A reader wrote back saying she made another batch and it was still thick, but not rock solid. It looks like if the eggs are too cold and your batter is not that hot anymore, the butter goes back to it’s solid state. Hopefully the mystery has been solved! xo

  11. Sami says:

    Do you think coconut flour would work? I would like to make these for a get together but one person is allergic to almonds!

    • Paola says:

      Hi Sami! Coconut flour makes very dry brownies here (as it soaks up the liquids). But have you guys tried sunflower seed flour? A bunch of readers have reported back that it’s a great sub for almond (similar fat to almond etc). Hope this helps!

  12. Shayna says:

    Hi I baked a batch , but the batter was super thick. I was wondering if you could give the ingredients in teaspoons or some other way versus the grams.

    • Paola says:

      Hi Shayna, if you click on US Customary below the ingredients you will get it in cups/tablespoons ;).

  13. Kay Marie says:

    Absolutely perfect! I used 7tbsp of Truvia and these are the most incredible tasting brownies I’ve had in a year! Yess!

  14. Shaina V. says:

    i never comment on posts but i had to with this one! i turned mine into cupcakes added sugar free chocolate chips and chopped walnuts. let me tell you that these tasted just like a normal brownie! i am so amazed. you really hit the nail on the head with this one! if you are on the fence about trying this you need to just go for it. YOUR LIFE WILL BE FOREVER CHANGED!

    • Paola says:

      Hi Shaina! That sounds like a wonderful idea and thank you for taking the time to leave a review! And of course, for your lovely comments. Big kiss!

  15. dianars says:

    Y’ALL THESE ARE LEGIT! Super fudgy, chocolately and an absolute delight! I even felt like I was cheating!! With these by my side I might as well be keto for life!!

    I just skimmed through the comments and my batter was thick but I still poured it into my pan… AND I actually thought mine were quite chewy around the edges, but not the center- that one just melted in your mouth yum!

    I’m going to take a wild guess here and say that different brands will give different results. Anyways! THANK YOU! YOU ARE A STAR!

    • Paola says:

      Thank you Diana for your lovely words! It looks like the mystery of the batters may have been very cold eggs bringing the butter back to it’s solid state. So glad you enjoyed them! xo

  16. Jessica says:

    I have these in the oven right now, and am just reading the comments here. Can’t wait for them to come out! My batter was also very thick, and could not be poured, so I thought I’d share what I did if it helps figure out the cause.

    – Hershey’s cocoa powder
    – Wellbee’s almond flour
    – 2 *medium* eggs (~45g each)
    – Mix of swerve (80g) and pyure (60g) because I ran out of swerve

    The batter was quite thick after i melted the butter, maybe I should have heated it more? I did 30s in my 1000w microwave, there was no solid butter visible when I pulled it out.

    After I added the eggs, it became smooth, I think i probably could have poured it at this point. After I added the almond flour it got thick again. I had to spread it into the pan with a spatula.

    They’re out of the oven now! I baked them for 25mins. By the time I pulled them out there was a light crust on top and a bubbling liquid coming out, and my cake tester inserted into the middle cake out with just a tiny bit of moisture & batter. The liquid that was boiling out soaked back in over the past couple of mins. I hope I pulled them out at the right time!

    They smell amazing. I can update after they cool with texture and flavor. Thank you for all your amazing recipes!

    • Paola says:

      Hi Jessica! Thank you so much for taking the time to write and help figure out the mystery of the solid batter that some of you are getting. The good news is that it seems that another wonderful reader did some thorough testing in her kitchen again and emailed me (pictures and all) that if your eggs are too cold the butter will go back to its solid state (so I’m changing eggs to be at room temp now).

      From what I gather it doesn’t affect the results in the slightest (just makes it rather annoying to spoon into the tray), as it would be the same as baking straight from the fridge after an overnight refrigeration. The same thing happened to me when you baked the brownies in terms of a light crust and bubbling (you can see the cracks in the pics). I probably like to under-bake mine a tad, but as long as your toothpick still had some batter you should be fine (remember that they continue to cook when cooling).

      xo and hope you love them as much as I do!

  17. emma rose says:

    I ordered some of the valrhona cocoa you suggest and if finally arrived yesterday. I’m not sure what they taste without it, but these are truly some of the most decadent and fudgiest brownies I’ve ever made! Triple WOW THANK YOU!

  18. Lindsey says:

    I didn’t see where the macadamia milk was used- I’m assuming in the batter? Can I use almond or cashew milk instead?

  19. EpicuriousByNature says:

    Fantastic brownie recipe! Made these this morning with my meal prep for the week and very please! Still getting use to my new oven, so they were baked about 2 minutes too long but still fantastic!! Tasted the batter before baking and was very tasty. I only had erythritol so that’s what I used and turned out just fine. Even though there is almond flour, I like the bite of a couple pecans or walnuts in my brownie, so I’ll add just a few next round! Topped with a bit of flaked pink salt… great recipe!!!

  20. Kari says:

    Mine are hard as a rock. They taste ok- like a drier hard fudge? Not sweet enough. I need a fudgey brownie in the worst way!

    • Paola says:

      Hi Kari! Can you give me a bit more guidance so I can help you see what went wrong? By hard do you mean dry? Did you make any subs? Did you weigh or measure by cups? Dry brownies are generally a problem with over baking. They continue to cook while cooling so you want to take them out as soon as the center sets. Could also be too much cocoa? Hope this helps! Xo

  21. Mary Anne Stein says:

    I’m writing a review to warn people to ONLY MAKE THESE IF YOU LIKE DARK CHOCOLATE AND VERY RICH BROWNIES!! I personally hate dark chocolate so I could barely get a bite into these. Having said that, my husband and one of my daughters absolutely loved them. So household divided we came to the conclusion that this is an EXCELLENT BROWNIE RECIPE, BUT ONLY IF YOU LIKE DARK CHOCOLATE

    I’m still leaving 5 stars because I do believe it’s a good recipe. I may try again cutting the cocoa and upping the sweetener.

  22. Felicity says:

    Just FYI I used Splenda 1:1 and made sure I converted the weight measurements correctly. It’s what I had on hand so I decided to give it a try. I cooked for 12min and they’re dry, crumbly and awful. So don’t use Splenda!

    • Paola says:

      Hi Felicity! Thank you for your feedback on using Splenda! I’ve never cooked with it so unfortunately I can’t give pointers for this one. Fo the conversions to US cups did you check out our own (US Cups below ingredients?). xo!

  23. Karen says:

    Hi there. I am making these now. In the nutrition information the number of servings is not listed. Can you tell me how many are in the recipe so I know how many fat grams I am getting?

    Thank you,

    • Paola says:

      Hi Karen! The recipe plugin we have puts the servings at the top of the recipe, so you get 16 servings per batch. So each brownie has 9g fat (as stated in the nutrition info). xo!

  24. Andra Harris says:

    Love your web site and look forward to your notifications by email. I started out supporting my husband in this keto lifestyle, but now I’m hooked. I am so surprised at how GOOD I feel now that I have adjusted to the changes in our eating style. I never would have believed it! So my recipe question is this: have you heard of a sweetener called Sola? It does have a bit of stevia in it and I’m wondering if it will work in this recipe since you said stevia won’t work in it? I do have some Swerve that I will use, just curious about the Sola. Can’t wait to make these yummy looking brownies.

    • Paola says:

      Hi Andrea! Welcome to the keto lifestyle!! Tbh I haven’t heard of Sola before, and my experience with these brownies is that the stevia leaves a weird after taste (and several readers in social media have commented the same… even with something such as Pyure which is an erythritol mix). Hope this helps! xo

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