Supreme No-Bake Cheesecake For-1 🍰 gluten free & keto

No-bake, easy-peasy and fairly instant! This gluten free and keto cheesecake for-1 is the ultimate low carb fat bomb treat! 

No-Bake Gluten Free & Keto Cheesecake For-1 #keto #lowcarb #glutenfree #healthyrecipes #cheesecake
No-Bake Gluten Free & Keto Cheesecake For-1 #keto #lowcarb #glutenfree #healthyrecipes #cheesecake

No-Bake Gluten Free & Keto Cheesecake 🍰

The Ultimate Fat Bomb!

Because who doesn’t looove cheesecake? Rich, decadent, sweet, tangy… and don’t even get me started on the graham crust! But let’s face it, it’s a pain to whip up. So in comes this keto cheesecake-for-1, no-bake and fairly instant to satisfy even the peskiest of (individual!) cravings.

Yup, no need to have a full-sized cheesecake lying around (i.e. screaming “eat me!”, per usual). Because don’t know about you, but cheesecake is one temptation I cannot resist.

And with this one, at just 2.5g net carbs, you won’t have to. Rich, creamy, airy and totally addictive… this is one keto treat we cannot urge you enough to whip up! And don’t skip the ‘graham cracker’ crust, it’s a-mazing (and easy-peasy, so no excuse).

p.s. feel free to make mini cheesecake fat bombs out of any of our cheesecake-for-1s. 

No-Bake Gluten Free & Keto Cheesecake For-1 #keto #lowcarb #glutenfree #healthyrecipes #cheesecake
No-Bake Gluten Free & Keto Cheesecake For-1 #keto #lowcarb #glutenfree #healthyrecipes #cheesecake

The Butter 🌾🐄

You are eating the butter raw, so going organic and grass-fed really is a must here. Because, aside from the taste being 1,34049 times better, grass-fed butter has a completely different nutritional profile to regular butter.

It is loaded with Vitamin-K2 (which de-calcifies your arteries), anti-inflammatory fatty acid called butyrate, among many other perks. So if you have to choose just one product to splurge on, this is it.

The Sweetener 🍯

You can pretty much use whatever sweetener floats your boat. But it must be powdered. We’ve test driven it with Swerve, xylitol and Pyure and it works great with all three.

So get your blender out, make sure it’s completely dry, and process your sweetener of choice until powdered. Just make sure you wait a few moments for the dust to settle before opening the blender or food processor.

Or you can always grab a bag of Powdered Swerve (i.e. confectioner’s).

Or if stevia drops are your thing, go for it! Just sweeten very little by little to taste. We suggest SweetLeaf Vanilla to get the job done right.

And if using xylitol, make sure to be careful if you have a pup around the house, as it’s highly toxic to the little guys! 🐕 

No-Bake Keto Cheesecake For 1! 🍰The Classic #ketocheesecake #lowcarbcheesecake
No-Bake Keto Cheesecake For 1! 🍰The Classic #ketocheesecake #lowcarbcheesecake
No-Bake Keto Cheesecake For 1! 🍰The Classic #ketocheesecake #lowcarbcheesecake
No-Bake Keto Cheesecake For 1! 🍰The Classic #ketocheesecake #lowcarbcheesecake
No-Bake Keto Cheesecake For 1! 🍰The Classic #ketocheesecake #lowcarbcheesecake
No-Bake Keto Cheesecake For 1! 🍰The Classic #ketocheesecake #lowcarbcheesecake

No-Bake Gluten Free & Keto Cheesecake For-1 #keto #lowcarb #glutenfree #healthyrecipes #cheesecake

No-Bake Gluten Free & Keto Cheesecake For-1

Course: Dessert
Cuisine: American, Gluten Free, Ketogenic
Prep Time: 15 minutes
Cook Time: 5 minutes
Total Time: 20 minutes
Servings: 2 servings
Calories: 305 kcal

No-bake, easy-peasy and fairly instant! This gluten free and keto cheesecake for-1 is the ultimate low carb fat bomb treat!

Oh, and if baking with cups rather than grams is your thing, just click on US Cups for an instant conversion.



For the keto graham cracker crust

For the keto cheesecake

  • 40 g sour cream plus more for serving (optional)
  • 70 g cream cheese at room temperature
  • 28 g grass-fed butter at room temperature
  • 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 1/8-1/4 teaspoon lemon juice to taste
  • 2-3 tablespoons Swerve confectioners or xylitol, to taste (we use 2)*

Serving suggestions

  • heavy or sour cream whipped
  • strawberries thinly sliced


For the keto graham cracker crust

  1. Lightly toast almond flour and (very finely chopped!) pecans in a skillet or pan over medium heat, until fully golden and fragrant (2-4 minutes). This is very important taste-wise, so don't skip!

  2. Transfer toasted nuts to a small bowl (or go straight for the serving glass), and mix in Swerve, cinnamon and salt. Add in butter, mix until thoroughly combined, and press into serving glass or dish. Refrigerate while you make the cheesecake. 

For the keto cheesecake

  1. Add sour cream to a medium bowl and beat with an electric mixer until whipped (2-3 minutes). Set aside. 

  2. Add cream cheese and grass-fed butter to a medium bowl and beat with an electric mixer until fully creamed. Add vanilla extract, lemon juice (add a light squeeze to taste), Swerve and beat until just combined. 

  3. Fold in whipped sour cream. Pipe or spoon cheesecake mixture into the graham cracker lined glass. Freeze for 30-40 minutes or refrigerate for a couple hours (or overnight). 

  4. Optional: Serve with more whipped sour cream (or heavy cream) and a couple of strawberries. 

Recipe Notes

*Or powdered Pyure (at half the amount). Please see section on Sweeteners for more deets on powdering and sweetening options. Though if using xylitol, make sure to be careful if you have a pup around the house, as it’s highly toxic to the little guys! 🐕

Each batch of our keto cheesecake-for-1 series yields a full-sized (very large!) serving (i.e. classic American style). So we prefer to portion it into two servings, rather than indulge all at once (2.5g net carbs rather than 5g net). But feel free to portion it even smaller (think cheesecake fat bombs!) in small muffin pans or moulds. .

Keep in the fridge for up to 4 days, and in the freezer afterwards.

Nutrition Facts
No-Bake Gluten Free & Keto Cheesecake For-1
Amount Per Serving
Calories 305 Calories from Fat 279
% Daily Value*
Total Fat 31g 48%
Saturated Fat 16g 80%
Cholesterol 76mg 25%
Sodium 216mg 9%
Potassium 97mg 3%
Total Carbohydrates 3g 1%
Dietary Fiber 0.5g 2%
Sugars 2g
Protein 3g 6%
Vitamin A 18.2%
Calcium 6.4%
Iron 2.1%
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.



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  1. Julia says:

    Loved this recipe. Taste was delicious but it was a little grainy texture. Did I not leave to set long enough. (3hrs) in fridge. Added a few crushed berries. Yum

    • Paola says:

      Grainy texture is usually because you used a non powdered sweetener… or lumpy of you didn’t cream the butter and cream cheese well xo!

  2. Wendy Mauzeroll says:

    How many fatbomb cheesecakes could I expect to get out of this recipe and would I have to make extra of the crumb crust.

  3. Carrie MacDonald says:

    Paola, this is still the best Keto dessert I’ve tried (and we’ve tried a bunch!). I do have one question, though. I like making Ina Garten’s cheesecake for holiday dinners, which are fast approaching. The cheesecake part itself will be simple to keto-ize, but I’m wondering if you think this crust could be used in a baked cheesecake recipe. We LOVE the nut crust for this one. Thanks!

  4. Chris says:

    I’ve made this several times and it’s been amazing! I used mascarpone today as I have several times before with no issue. But today the mixture is extremely thick compared to normal and almost clumpy? Any idea on what I did wrong 😓

    • Paola says:

      Hi Chris! I can’t tell for certain without looking at your mix, but I’m fairly certain this has happened to me in the past if the cream cheese/mascarpone is a bit too cold (so some parts stay lumpy). If you have an immersion blender that will dissolve the lumps, otherwise just let it come to room temp a bit more and beat until it dissolves.

  5. DavetteB says:

    to make these as individual cheesecakes, do I use the mini muffin pan (24 per pan) or the regular (12 per pan)?

  6. Victoria says:

    Just made this for my man and me (he looooves cheesecake).

    It was so good!!! He’s only sad I didn’t make more, lol. Guess I’m making this on a regular basis for him now.

    Thank you so much for this recipe! I’m so excited to try out more of them.

      • Kim says:

        This stuff is addicting thanks for sharing was having trouble getting some fat in my keto diet however I’m not a fan of sour cream I tried it but wasn’t a fan of the taste I loved it without the sour cream addition so I thought I would share with others that have issues with sour cream LOL that on your site I believe it starts you with two servings for the recipe I did four servings so it was easier to mix in my mixer and I just used the cream cheese Philadelphia brand unsalted regular butter I didn’t have salted on hand and swerve confectioner’s and the vanilla… and just left it whipped. if you’re looking for a really heavy dessert that’s got decent fat it’s the quick easy way to go especially if you want to make one big batch the full nutrition on it for 12 tablespoons is 900 calorie 94 fat zero carbs 10 protein. I portion it in 6 tablespoons for my dessert in the evenings because I’m usually low on my fat and calories by the end of the day so this is a perfect alternative that’s quicker than sticking them in the mold and letting them freeze into little cups however I’m looking forward to trying the crust next time it sounds amazing! And those nuts probably add a lot of fat which is great for those of us on keto thanks again for sharing sorry for the long post figured it’d be good info for people that are having issues like me looking forward to more of your recipes

  7. Andra says:

    Just made this for a treat this evening. It’s fantastic.

    I was eyeing the chocolate version with a mind toward making that later in the week, and I observe that the net carbs for the vanilla and chocolate versions are the same. What sorcery is going on in your kitchen that four tablespoons of cocoa powder has no carbs? I want to learn this! 😂

    • Paola says:

      OMG there’s definitely something magical going on there thanks for the heads up! The software sometimes rounds up/down, but something went amiss 😉 xo!

  8. Diane Murphey says:

    I am a big fan of your recipes! I’ve made many keto recipes, but yours are consistently outstanding! When I was a child in California, my mother would make cheesecake that I loved. I have never had any that approached hers in dense smooth consistency and lemon taste. I doubled the recipe, doubled the lemon and cut the vanilla in half. This recipe is the closest I have ever tasted to Mom’s recipe. Turns out we had a Meyer Lemon tree in our backyard and my Mom would add lots of juice to the recipe. I used xylitol powdered in the cheese and non powdered in the crust. The crust was amazing!! The crunch of sugary crystals with the toasted nut crust was luxurious! I can’t say enough good things about this recipe!
    Your culinary excellence is creating real show stopper recipes! THANK YOU for the time you put into creating these most excellent recipes!
    We both loved it and a half serving is plenty.

  9. Ven says:

    My daughter and I love this dessert! I did everything exactly, except added about a 1/2 tsp. of lemon zest to make it more lemony, then topped it with a drizzle of keto blueberry sauce made from fresh blueberries. Oh, my, this is a keeper!

  10. Farzi says:

    This recipe is a winner <3 loved the rich creamy texture 'n the base made me speechless, even better than the regular cheesecakes
    Tanxxx alo0t~

  11. Anela says:

    This is the prettiest thing I ate since keto, I hated all the other sweets so much. I used mascarpone cheese, added a littel bit more lemon and vanilla, did everything with inulin ( so no carbs there) . At the end, I roasted few nuts covered in inulin powder, and it caramelised. I am in love.

  12. Patti says:

    I’m new but can’t wait to use these amazing recipes. Can I use these gram cracker cookies to make a cruse for a baked cheese cake and if so would I just use melted butter like the regular crust calls for.? It is really hard to go through every recipe to go through each ingredient to change from metric to us measurements. Please put something more user friendly for us because I want to make all your recipes. It is hard enough following a new recipe let alone looking up each item.
    Thanks looking forward to making these.
    Thank you for all,your hard work

  13. Liv says:

    This looks great, and I want to try it 🙂 However, I am confused that you say I can use Philadelpia. That is so salt? Does that mean that if I use mascarpone, I should add salt too? Thanks!

    • Paola says:

      Hi Liv! Desserts actually need salt to, so don’t worry if you use Philadelphia it won’t be salty. Mascarpone actually won’t give you cheesecake results as while it’s similar, it doesn’t taste the same as your American cream cheese xo

  14. LouAnn says:

    Fantastic! This is the first dessert recipe I’ve tried since eating Keto. Every other sugar substitute I tried I hated, made this with Swerve – so maybe that is the key. I thought I would just have to avoid all sweets. But this is really great! Thank you for sharing it!

  15. Candy says:

    I’m confused on the nutrition facts where it says it’s only 3g carbs. 2 tbsp of Swerve (6 tsp of Swerve) is 24g carbs, so even if I’m sharing this recipe to make 2 servings out of it, that’s still 12g carbs per serving. Am I missing something here???

    • Paola says:

      Hi Candy! Swerve is a sugar alcohol and not a regular carb, so it’s common practice to subtract it as you do fiber. xo

  16. Holly says:

    I made a cashew crust cause that’s what my husband wanted for his birthday dessert, but used your filling and it was a HuGE success for my Keto eating family!! 3 thumbs up! I only used 2 packets of spenda natural (erythritol and stevia blend) and my husband said it could be a tad sweeter but I found it to be perfect!! I’m definitely pinning some more of your recipes for other special occasions!! Thanks!

    • Paola says:

      So happy you guys loved it so much Holly! And thank you for reporting back in detail, I want to try the Splenda natural soon (form my understanding it’s the same principle as Pyure which I love). xo!

  17. Sonia Rae Warmack says:

    This was really good! Are the nutrition facts listed for the whole recipe or for 1/2 of the recipe? The recipe says two servings but then the note below the recipe lists it as one LARGE serving?

    • Paola says:

      Hi Sonia! For 1/2 the recipe. Technically the entire recipe is the same amount you would get from a large slab of cheesecake, but it’s VERY rich. xo!

  18. Elizabeth says:

    Really wonderful cheesecake for one recipe. Five stars absolutely. Kept me from going off the keto wagon and I guess I will do one of your desserts a day. I tried the tiramiso and was also pleasantly surprised! Thank you,thank you thank you!

    • Paola says:

      So awesome you enjoyed it Elizabeth! And yup, small sweet treats definitely help with the keto way of eating 🙂 You’ve probably seen it already, but I’m slowly building a while desserts-for-1 section! xo and thanks so much for reporting back!

  19. Dany N says:

    Hi Paola, I’m fairly new to keto and have tried recipes on other keto blogs. I’m so glad I stumbled upon this site and your recipes because they’ve been absolutely the most delish! So far I’ve tried the PB cookies (pb heaven), the fudgey brownies (OMG), and this wonderful easy cheesecake. My results with these recipes have been amazing and since I didn’t cook much before going on keto I give all the credit to your recipes. And thank you for recipes with macros so easy to work with!

    So as far as the cheesecake, I admit I’m into instant gratification (another reason to love your easy recipes,) so with that said I have skipped making the crust several times already…the cheesecake is bomb enough with some chopped up pecans. Thanks so much for sharing your culinary genius!!

  20. I cant wait to make this! Since being GF and trying to do a no sugar low carb diet, I have been missing a little something sweet!!

    Question- Does it make a huge difference if I use standard organic butter as opposed to grass fed?

    • Paola says:

      Hi Jenny! That’s awesome! You can definitely use organic butter (just keep in mind for the grass-fed butter has more nutritional perks ;)!) xo!

  21. dianamp says:

    Hope you don’t mind that I cut in, but you really want to try this recipe again with lemon instead of lime (and make no subs AT ALL!). I’m a BIG cheesecake baker and this is one of the best tasting cheesecakes I’ve EVER tried (baked and no-bake).

    Lemons and limes are actually quite different, and lime would be too pungent here. But adding a touch of lemon is a staple of every good cheesecake recipe to lighten up the cream cheese etc. Agree that this recipe deserves the top spot on google 🙂

  22. Sio says:

    I love your site! I have been enjoying reading through it for a few month. I wanted to do a small cheesecake recipe and a google search had you in the top results! When all is said and done, it definitely belongs at the top. Great recipe.

    I was leery at first about the amounts for the crust but was surprised at how much the butter and erythritol bulked it up. I have Lakanto Golden so I used that in the crust and I think it really helped up the ante on the graham cracker flavor. I couldn’t figure out how my recipe was so much higher in calories (specifically fat), even before I top it. I’ve just now realized the crust calls for 1 1/2 TEASPOONS butter not TBSP butter. May I humbly suggest you adjust that to reflect the gram amount, like the cheesecake portion does? That’s 7 grams correct? LOL, I’ve used three times that.

    I didn’t have sour cream on hand so I subbed it for 1 tbsp mascarpone and 1 tbsp hwc.

    I had a lime, not a lemon. As I was mixing it in and the vanilla, it wasn’t quite right. It occurred to me that I have coconut extract. In it went and I have no regrets.

    Seeing as how this will be my last keto dessert for a while, it’s for Christmas & New Years, I gilded the lily by making a ganache to go on top. Two tbsp of Lily’s melted with one tbsp of Kerry Gold.


  23. Robin says:

    This recipe is fantastic. It tastes exactly like cheesecake!
    Thank you for all of your wonderful posts.
    Have a very Merry Christmas!

  24. Jennifer F says:

    So this happened…. and OMG!! It really is GOOOOOOD! I don’t know what’s better, the graham cracker crust or the actual cheesecake!

    Question, do you think I could use the crust for a baked cheesecake?

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