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Trying out the new (0g net carb!) keto cereal 🥣 #gnomgnomapproved

The keto world has a new (0g net carb!) cereal by High Key that’s totally reminiscent of puffed rice! It comes in chocolate, frosted and cinnamon flavors… and, you guys, its pretty good stuff!

Note: like all gnom-gnom posts, this isn’t sponsored (at all!) and I bought just the chocolate one to try out. I’m getting frosted next, as I totally see some legit keto ‘rice krispie’ treats in my immediate future!

Taking a spoonful of chocolate High Key Keto Cereal
High Key Keto Cereal Review

High Key Keto Cereal

A Play On Puffed Rice!

If you’re a frequent instagram scroller in the keto crowd, High Key’s brand new cereal has been hard to miss. Fact is, most peeps even claim its the best keto cereal to date (yup, even better than the beloved Magic Spoon!).

My (very honest) thoughts? It is indeed veeery good!

Is it perfect? No… but you’d honestly be hard pressed to tell it’s actually keto. No funky aftertaste, solid ingredients and a seriously good and crisp texture. If we’re getting picky here (and you know I am!), it’s slightly chewy in the end; but you also have to be ‘looking for it’.

Price is comparable to the other keto cereals out there, with the positive that you can just buy one to try out on Amazon (and it’s delivered with Prime).

Any negatives? Lol yes, the serving size is tiny imo! We’re taking about just 1/2 cup or 28 grams (pictured is double the serving). And I’m also pretty sure this is the reason why net carbs come out to zero, as cocoa isn’t carb free. Now I’m not saying they’re deceiving us but, similar to heavy whipping cream, my guess is that it has a slightly higher carb count at larger quantities. Does it matter? Probably not, still suuuper low carb!

Is it better than Magic Spoon or Cereal School? It is definitely better than the old formula of Magic Spoon, but I’d say its comparable to the 2.0 version released just a couple weeks back. And it’s definitely better than the Cereal School I tried… but I also heard they’ve since released version 3.0. (You can read my in depth review of those two over here!).

Oh, and one more VIP positive: it stains the ‘milk’! A definitely must in my book.

High key chocolate Keto Cereal with almond milk in a white bowl
High Key Keto Cereal Review

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  1. Debbie says:

    Now I’m only talking abt serving size, but I would guess most ppl have never had a serving size as indicated on the box. It was bowl dependent. I bought a box of grape nuts & my son filled the bowl like it was corn flakes when I told him the actual serving he said forget it. Not worth the time to dirty a bowl.

  2. Janette says:

    I tried the cinnamon. Super yummy. But I will admit, Magic Spoon Blueberry is the best in my books! It leaves yummy purple milk too!

  3. Marcella Rice says:

    $12 for a box of cereal?!!!
    Absurd price; people like Zuckerberg can afford this; not all KETO peeps are wealthy.

  4. Gerri says:

    Thanks for the lowdown. Eye rolling at 1/2 cup serving. As you said, to state zero carb & also to claim 8 servings for almost $12. Sounds better than 4 servings for $12:) As long as people will pay for overpriced keto products, they’ll continue to arrive. Ingredients in all these cereals aren’t expensive.

    • Paola van der Hulst says:

      I feel you Gerri, pricey for being a treat and not an actual meal! But we do know that keto ingredients are muuuuch more expensive than sugar and flour

  5. Cooper says:

    Great you tried one..! Highkey Chocolate rice Krispie style is actually the least flavorful of the three, but maybe mixing frosted and chocolate might just help bump up the flavor (?) and Cinnamon is my actual favorite, probably, also, because it is a more unique flavor in the cereal realm AND it’s really good! Probably not the best for making keto Rice Krispie treats, which I have all the ingredients for now and plan on using your keto marshmallow recipe!

  6. Lisa says:

    The price is ridiculous. It’s not justifiable for 8oz of product. $12. It’s why I never purchased Magic Spoon. If you must have a “cereal” experience and don’t mind paying an inflated price then I guess go for it. But I’ll give this a miss. And there are plenty of keto friendly companies out there doing excellent products (like Dang Bars) and aren’t gouging prices.

  7. Mary Shive says:

    HighKey is incredibly awesome. I LOVE all of their low carb products and and now obsessed with this cereal myself!

  8. Bete Primm says:

    Thanks for the info on the cereal. Do you think anyone will ever make a grain free cereal with real sugar in it? I’m going to try a box of the chocolate but I’m afraid it’s going to taste like any other item I’ve purchased with Erythritol and Monk fruit. They always taste like the saccharine that they used to put in iced tea she I was a little girl. Thanks!

    • Paola van der Hulst says:

      I was honestly surprised with this one Bete! The smell when you open the bag was slightly artificial imo, but I was genuinely surprised how ‘real cereal’ like it tasted (I’m guessing its the allulose)

    • Erica B says:

      Hi Bete, Three Wishes cereal is grain-free, and their cinnamon and honey cereals are sweetened with real sugar. I enjoy their unsweetened version once in a while; it’s a little carby, but I miss plain, grainy-flavored cereals, and a little of this stuff is a nice occasional indulgence.

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