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Paleo and keto ramen with shirataki noodles, beef and a soft boiled egg

Paleo & Keto Ramen (with shirataki noodles!) 🍜

Hearty, ultra flavorful and super duper warming, whipping up this paleo and keto ramen is simple enough to make it a stellar weeknight meal! Paleo & Keto Ramen 🍜 With shirataki noodles! Before I say anything else, let’s go ahead and state the obvious: this is an “Americanized” version of ramen, with readily available paleo …

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Paleo, Whole30 & Keto Bone Broth πŸ– #bonebroth

Homemade Bone Broth πŸ– keto, paleo & whole30

This paleo, whole30 and keto bone broth is prepared in the traditional long-simmer manner, ensuring proper extraction of all the nutrients. Yet it’sΒ incredibly easy, and bound to provide a myriad of benefits for your entire body! Paleo, Whole30 & Keto Bone Broth πŸ– From ScratchΒ πŸ”₯ Bone broth popularity has reached new heights, and with reason. …

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