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Scrumptious Chicken Satay Noodle Bowl 🍜 gluten free, dairy free & keto


  1. Natalie says:

    Hi Paola,
    This recipe looks delicious! I’m a little confuzzled by the protein count though. One chicken breast, 8g of protein, probably more in the region of 30? Just checking as I tend to have trouble keeping my protein count reasonable on keto. Thanks!

  2. Emily says:

    This looks AMAZING ! I am unfortunately allergic to garlic and onion. Do you think if I keep it out of the recipie it would change the flavor much? Or do you have another suggestion to sub?

  3. Louis Mercier says:

    Excellent recipe! Definitely a redo! The nutrition info, however, needs updating. The stated protein amount (8 g per serving), and Calories (206 per serving), are very much underestimated (a 160 g chicken breast would have about 50 g of protein).

  4. Melodie says:

    Sounds delish….. but not sure what coconut aminos are or what i can substitute it with.
    Although British I live in France where it ‘s difficult to get many non French products!!

  5. Patty in CO says:

    I cannot wait to make this! I normally don’t comment on recipes I find online because most of the time I am disappointed in how they turn out, but I have been following you (and recommending your site) for quite a while now and I have to let you know that EVERYTHING I have made ROCKS!!! As I write this, I am finishing off the last of your Keto Crack Chocolate Chia Pudding…The 4th batch I have made. Also made your Instant Pot Carnitas and Keto Tortillas this week (OMG! Fabulous!) and also had your SUUper Cheese Keto Garlic Bread Muffins (to die for!) and the Sheet Pan Chicken last week. (again, wonderful!!). Thank you so very much for all your hard work, testing, tasting, testing again and again until each recipe is perfect! I live in high altitude (Denver area) and have never had a bit of trouble baking anything on your site with no changes whatsoever in the directions or ingredients. You guys totally have this Keto, low carb stuff down to an art!

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