Nice ‘N Buttery Almond Crackers ๐Ÿง€ gluten free & keto


    • Paola says:

      Hi Jane, that’s the yield of the recipe. The nutrition facts were calculated per 2-inch cracker (as stated in the recipe notes) xo!

  1. Jackie Burrell says:

    I love your recipes, but sure wish standard measurements can be used. I’ve searched for fifteen minutes now on how much 192 grams of almond flour is and the 80 g of butter and have yet to find an answer. Do you use a calculator of some kind you could share so this won’t be such a hassle each time? Would sure appreciate it !

    • Paola says:

      Hi Jackie! I do share them! Just click on US Cups below the ingredients for an instant conversion ;)! Xo

  2. Michelle B says:

    With regular flour I always prepare my short crust pastry w a hand pastry cutter and prefer the results far above food processor dough. In fact, I really hate using the food processor, I am pretty quick w my hands and there is less clean up. But, I am out of my element w almond and coconut flour. Can I prepare these recipes by hand w a pastry blender? Or is a food processor a must?

    • Paola says:

      Hi Michelle! I’m amending my reply as I thought you had commented on the keto pie crust (which can definitely be done with a pastry cutter!). For these you don’t need to have a food processor (it’s not in the instructions?), but you do need a hand blender to cream the butter. xo!

  3. Mary Anne Stein says:

    These are by far the best keto crackers we’ve made! Wonderful taste and an actual crunch! Ty again!

  4. Courtney K says:

    Quick question, so each cracker is .5 carbs for a ketoer (like me) and 1g of protein? Or am I reading this wrong. Iโ€™m not sure I could eat 1 cracker lol

    • Paola says:

      Hi Courtney! Yes that’s correct! Well you can eat as many as your macros allow. I just did the nutrition info per cracker as it’s (usually!) less confusing to readers and they can simply multiply it by the amount they eat. So if you eat 6, that’ll be 3g net carbs ๐Ÿ˜‰ xo!

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