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14 Home Remedies To Try After Accidental Gluten Ingestion 🙅🏿🍕🍔🍰

14 Home Remedies To Try After Accidental Gluten Ingestion ??
14 Home Remedies To Try After Accidental Gluten Ingestion ??

Accidental Gluten Ingestion 🙅🏿🍕🍔🍰

14 home remedies to try ASAP 💨

Chances are, no matter how careful you are, you will fall pray to accidental gluten ingestion at least once in your lifetime.

After all, cross contamination is a real thing.

Symptoms and onset may vary slightly from case to case. But if you’re anything like us, you’ll start to incubate a 7-month gluten baby within 30 minutes. i.e. reflux, bloating and gas.

Followed by anything from constipation (or diarrhea…), drop in blood pressure, low-grade fever, stomach cramps, rashes, irritability… and a myriad of other non-specific symptoms.

And while the only known treatment for Celiac disease is to abstain from ingesting gluten, here are fourteen home remedies you can try for accidental gluten ingestion that will surely ease your pain. Broken up in three stages: contain, soothe and replenish.

We suggest trying the first of each section (activated charcoal, ginger capsules and probiotics). And complimenting with additional remedies which suit your specific symptoms.


Containing the gluten bomb which just landed in your digestive system is of prime importance. And while there is no cure, the following set will be sure to ease your symptoms.

  1. Activated Charcoal ⚫

With celiac disease, activated charcoal ought to be a staple in your purse (or ahem, wallet). It’s primarily used medicinally to absorb ingested poisons (seriously). And it also helps to reduce bloating and gas.

Though do note that it’s powers of absorption are so great, that if taken alongside medications and supplements, it has been known to render them less effective. Similarly, constipation is a common side effect (awesome if gluten leads to diarrhea, see below).

Fun fact: charcoal has been a stomach aid in Mexico since the pre-Hispanic cultures. Albeit in the form of burnt corn tortillas. And it was also used as a natural toothpaste and whitener, which is a known additional use nowadays. So brush up!

2. Digestive Enzymes 💧

Digestive enzymes are a common remedy for accidental gluten ingestion, as they appear to provide relief from bloating and gas for many. i.e. they appear to speed up the gluten-elimination process.

Ah, and they also work great for constipation (see below).

3. Flush 🚽

Drinking plenty of water is a known must, as you’re helping your body out with homeostasis. So drink up and help your body flush out the toxins faster.

4. Fast 🤐

Fasting after accidental gluten ingestion has been shown to help greatly. And while we’re not talking about starvation, just make sure to give your digestive system a break. Though let’s face it, it’s not like you’re actually craving more food right now, so fasting may just come naturally.


Stomach aches are a common side effect of gluten ingestion, so give the following a try to soothe your pains. We suggest starting with ginger.

5. Ginger 🥔

Did you know that ginger has been proven to be a more effective anti-nausea agent than several pharmaceuticals? Plus, it’s also known to be absolutely killer in the treatment of gastritis.

And while ginger tea is a popular remedy (which falls under herbal infusions), we are giving it a section on it’s own. It’s that good. Plus, forget the tea and take it in concentrated capsule form.

We have tried about eight different brands of ginger pills (gastritis was an issue, thank you ginger). And the undisputed winner for stomach dilemmas are the ginger force capsules from New Chapter. Soothing-to-boot, no questions asked.

Fun fact: given ginger’s potent anti nausea effects, if you’re prone to sea sickness, pop a pill before getting you’re sea legs on and you’ll be golden.

6. Herbal Infusions 🍃

Drinking plenty of water can also be in the form of herbal infusions. Known soothers are peppermint, chamomile, and ginger. So drink up.

7. Turmeric 🍛

Turmeric is a known anti-inflammatory and many people find it speeds up the healing process. But skip the curry, as the easiest way to consume (large doses) of turmeric is to simply pop a pill.

8. Omega-3 🐟

Another known anti-inflammatory, we suggest you consume it in the form of DHA for maximum absorption.

14 Home Remedies To Try After Accidental Gluten Ingestion ??
14 Home Remedies To Try After Accidental Gluten Ingestion ??


Now it’s time to restore balance to your digestive system.

9. Probiotics 🥛

Inflammation and toxins, such as gluten if you have Celiac, are known to alter the balance of gut bacteria. And supplementing with probiotics has been shown to restore such balance. Ideally, you will want to consume probiotics daily.

10. Apple Cider Vinegar 🍎

Apple cider vinegar has been shown to alleviate a myriad of stomach dilemmas, and gluten ingestion is definitely one of them. This enzyme-rich vinegar aids digestion, inflammation, and fights constipation. Plus, while not a probiotic itself, it does encourage the growth of good bacteria.

We suggest diluting a tablespoon in one cup of water.

11. L-Glutamine 🏛️

L-glutamine is the most abundant amino acid in your blood stream. And, incidentally, a vital nutrient which aids your intestines to build and repair. Hence suuuper handy when accidentally ingesting gluten. A double-duty agent if gluten ingestion is also accompanied by diarrhea.

12. Marshmallow Root 🍥

Marshmallow root is a traditional staple of alternative medicine for digestive issues. It is thought to help repair your gut’s lining and reduce inflammation and gas.

What you do here depends on whether accidental gluten ingestions give you diarrhea or constipation.

13. Tighten 💩

If you’re on the first camp, the activated charcoal and l-glutamine will help a tonne (as constipation is a prime side effect).

Having said that, try consuming a diet with natural constipators such as apples and rice.

14. Or Loosen 💩

Meanwhile, if you’re in the second camp and constipation is at hand, the digestive enzymes and apple cider vinegar are ideal. Also, try including foods such as prunes, papaya, and orange.

And if constipation is a big problem, try these fennel seed pills (a natural laxative). Pop one pill (or two in extreme cases) alongside a glass of water at night, and you’ll surely find yourself working like clockwork once more.

Alternatively, you could do a 3-in-1 and use these digestive enzymes with probiotics and you can contain, replenish, and un-constipate all at once.

You’ve got options.


  1. Vangerkin gutts . 1 says:

    try vitamin D. it also help me .. you are definition int in it if you have a chronic inflowmation happening in your body .. D is used up.. quick.
    leeky gutts .. inflames. 🤕🤕😔💩

  2. michelle says:


    I would really like your opinion
    I am a 36 year old women
    I am struggling with a gluten allergy for almost 4 years now.
    My doctors can’t give me any advice that can work. Everyday my rash worsens.
    I do live in a tropical enviremont so I thought it was due to the heat but I began to get the pimples over my whole body and they burn a lot.
    I just tried about everything but it keeps getting worse
    anyone have some advice?

    • Ashley Osmond says:

      Hi there,

      If you believe that you have Dermatitis Herpetiformis, then this can be solved but it does take a fair bit of work and a lot of diligence.

      I had suffered with a sporadic itchy rash around my lower back and buttocks for around a decade but it was only when I got diagnosed with Coeliac Disease three years ago that I discovered the rash is gluten related and is DH.

      The tricky thing with DH is that even ingesting minute particles of gluten can trigger it. It is only since my dear, tireless late wife switched to cooking pretty much everything from scratch and also was super careful on the occasions that she ate anything gluten-containing (different cooking vessels, covered in foil if cooked in the oven, different washing sponges etc.) that we started to get on top of it. So, tackling cross contamination in the kitchen is essential and eating at restaurants and friends/relatives homes is very difficult.

      The other side to it is that a lot of so-called ‘gluten free’ products can still contain minute amounts of gluten, enough to trigger a DH reaction. Here in the UK, we have a threshold of 20ppm and if a product measures below this, it can be labelled as gluten free. These products may be okay for those with a gluten intolerance and some Coeliacs, but DH is often a sign of hyper sensitivity, so any processed product needs to be treated with caution. I can’t tolerate glucose syrup, dextrose, maltodextrin etc. unless they state they are maize/corn based, as in Europe they are usually derived from wheat which is enough to cause me problems. Recent discoveries that have caused reactions are strawberries and mushrooms, which can be grown on gluten-containing sources.

      Heat, sweating and friction can all aggravate and exacerbate DH, but the root cause is always gluten ingestion (DH is, by definition, an auto-immune response to ingesting gluten). Once that can be tackled in a fastidious way, it can start to clear and is worth all the effort. It can take a very long time (months, if not years) but you should see an improvement in health relatively quickly… if you are certain it is DH.

    • Cj says:

      Try a Traditional Chinese medicine practitioner.
      They will look at your symptoms completely different and in a holistic way.

    • Vangerkin gutts . says:

      1 . 2.3.
      I’m going through hell with my gut problem s.
      only thing that helps so far is dipping 15strain probiotics in wax n eating it .

  3. Conrad says:

    I,m wondering what foods out there contain gluten?Just so we all know what to avoid.
    Just had a nice lasting gluten attack from spaghetti i thought would be safe.
    For me the ingredient wheat gluten should be completely avoided.
    One of the kellogs cereals had it,and i was unaware.The only good thing was it knocked me out in a deep sleep for hours,and then i used some gluten enzymes that worked well to get rid of it.
    I use a mixture of equal parts apple cider vinegar mixed with equal parts of blueberry honey,squeeze the juice from 2 lemons,then add some wholeleaf aloe juice,and mix.This mix sits in a jar in my fridge,then to use it i add 2-3 tspns in 80z of water with turmeric,and ginger powder.Its best first thing in the morning.

  4. Bert Clayton says:

    You get edema from stomach issues???
    I’ve had problems for a long time, but I started using Marshmallow Root Extract, note Extract, from Florida Herbal directly or eBay, or Bulk Supplements through them or Amazon. Even swelling has been kept down. Shortness of breath where food stayed up high has cleared up, terrible extreme GERD that I’ve been taking meds for has cleared up, until I do not use. Bed propped up at the head, several meds and was still getting up. Marshmallow root doesn’t have a taste that’s noticeable. About 3/4 a cup to a gallon of Kool Aid was a good start, then later I lowered it. Relief is great, if I could just get other ailments healed.
    I hope you try it and hope it works for you, where there’s nothing like when you find something to help when other things seem futile.

  5. PMMK says:

    Paola, am so glad to have stumbled on this post whilst looking up recipes. I was diagnosed with Celiac disease about 20 years ago. I have been strictly compliant and have had no exposure to gluten to speak of in all that time until last October when I ate some lovely cheese that was laced with barely gluten. Yes, gluten in cheese is now a thing. I ate the cheese several times over the course of a couple of weeks. I have been in debilitating pain ever since. Furthermore, the reaction morphed into a massive SLE flare that has affected my thyroid. MD could offer neither remedy nor advice. Because of my strict compliance, I had no idea how to cope with the “fire in the belly” and utter exhaustion until I read this post. I can’t thank you enough.
    BTW, every one of your recipes we have tried has been a hit. Today’s hit is the focaccia. The rule in my house is, if I cook, you eat grain-free. There have been no complaints in 20 years.

  6. Laurie says:

    It is astounding to me how many of the above (or below depending on where my comment falls on this thread) victims of eating grains are and remain clueless that their health problems are from gluten and dairy. I was fortunate to find an integrative functional MD (yes, trained first as a medical doctor) who specializes in complimentary medicine now after years in an internal medicine practice. Based on problems I reported to her, as well as symptoms, she ran all the necessary tests that many functional/integrative medicine practitioners do, one of which is genotyping for Celiac, that apparently I have inherited- HLA-DQ2 and HLA-DQ8, which indicated predisposition to gluten intolerance, among other health problems. I could be headed to full blown celiac if I don’t watch and avoid gluten all together. FINALLY! An explanation as to why I felt the way I did all these years! Was told over the years it’s IBS, lactose intolerance (which yes, I do have that), edema, etc. Now finally uncovered! PLEASE PLEASE, find one of these types of doctors and have yourself tested. You will finally be validated as to why you should avoid gluten at all costs, and will have the knowledge as to why you have all sorts of strange diagnoses, such as autoimmune diseases, etc. Avoiding grains is the key. It will all go away! Miracles do happen! Good luck everyone, not easy, I know, but your gut, brain and health will thank you!

  7. Emy says:

    Dear people battling with Celtic or gluent intolerance. I am one of you… and what is worse I cook for four nongluten non-lactose-intolerant people. I want to ask what do the fenel pills do as I would love to come out of you know…constipation/ diarrhea non-stop dancing. How to take them? With food? It doesn’t matter when? Pls, share your experience and knowledge. The doctors here think that I am overdramatic and have no intolerance problem so I can’t really go back there. I wouldn’t wish Celtic and gluten intolerance to my worse enemy.

    • Misty Dawn says:

      I feel your pain. I have Lupus but the test for Celiac was negative. Nevertheless I can hardly eat anything anymore without getting sick with bloating and gas and weeks of pain and fatigue. I have found that taking activated charcoal before a potential gluten exposed meal (or even before every meal) has helped curb a lot of the backlash of symptoms.

    • Stacy says:

      I’m sorry that you suffer with this. I too have developed extreme gluten intolerance but not until the age of 45. It is miserable. I see a Chinese medical professional who has helped me more than any western doctor has. I am losing faith in doctors.
      I take a tincture (mixed especially for me) and digestive enzymes daily. I also take activated charcoal when I feel I have been exposed to gluten. I hope this helps.

    • Mel says:

      I am also celiac and recently I had an accidental gluten intake and wow did it ever hurt!! With fennel seeds they are great! Usually with caps, it should indicate on the bottle how many to take but with me, I work at a natural health food store so I tend to just grab a large pinch of loose fennel seeds and chew on them. They also make a really good tea! And other thing I noticed that helps, when fasting for a day or two, I had homemade bone broth that I drank, it help with flushing your system and giving you nutrients during your time of no solid foods. Make sure you also take a citrus vitamin C! Especially if you are constipated! I usually have a liquid vitamin C and when I take it, minutes after it tends to help reduce discomfort and give you a little energy boost considering dealing with the pain and constipation, the discomfort, it tends to drain your energy. Do what ever you can to get that boost!
      Now I’m gluten and dairy and honestly it’s been super easy cooking. Wasn’t at first that’s for sure! I have a household of keto dieters, an autistic boy with adrenal issues ADD, ADHD and then some! and then I have myself. It was so overwhelming at first when I realized how many different meals I’d have to make and honestly, just finding the right meals and doing prep ahead of time, saved my life! We converted to all organic foods, all natural medicines, we went to a naturopathic doctor and got our live blood analysis done. When you know what you are dealing with, it’s so much easier!!

  8. Teresa York says:

    My husband has suffered with unexplained really itchy bad rashes for years. He struggles with them for several weeks until he’s so miserable he finally breaks down and goes and gets a steroid shot. This happens several times a year. We go through tube after tube of hydrocortisone that doesn’t really even work. He’s been through allergy testing and they found nothing. We were going to try a skin patch test next but after doing a little research I think he may have a gluten sensitivity or intolerance. We are going to try a gluten free diet. He has a crazy busy schedule. He travels a lot for work. I’m fairly certain there will be a learning curve going gluten free, which means more horrible rashes. Does anyone have a recommendation for the – stay up all night scratching until you bleed make you grumpy all day – itchies?

    • Ash says:

      Hi there,
      I had been suffering with itchy, angry blisters that appeared around my coccyx and buttocks for around a decade. My doctors never got to the bottom of it (if you’ll pardon the pun), but I worked out three months ago that I’m gluten intolerant, due to bloating and constipation after gluten-heavy meals or lots of beer. I came off of gluten (not a painless process) and hey presto! No more blisters.
      It seems that I have a condition called Dermatis Herpatiforus (not sure if the spelling is correct), which is linked to Celiac disease but quite rare. The problem is that I now cannot be tested for DH or CD, as you need to be eating gluten for six weeks or so for the tests to work. I cannot stand the thought of consuming gluten, as I am now super sensitive to it.
      So, my advice is for your husband to be tested for both conditions before going gluten free if possible.
      All the best and good luck!

      • Meera Lee says:

        Ash DH is not rare at all… we have a facebook group even!! I suspect many people with skin disorders have gluten intolerance and DH… I don’t worry about confirming by labs– I just got off gluten

      • Wendy Deeter-Kaloski says:

        I am going through an accidental digestion of gluten. I do have Celiac. I’ve tried my probiotic, was told to only take Align, Gas X and Lactaid chewable. I have to be in public in two hours! There’s no way unless there is a way to stop the bloating and gas immediately. What works for that?

        • Ry celiac says:

          Gas x is gluten free , but made in a third party facility. Where it is not tested and can be contaminated. I just called after being glutened and I was getting worse . I started reading the gas x box realizing it said nothing on it so I made a phone call . So please all be aware of medicines too!

      • mom2girls says:

        Yes! my daughter has this as well – she even had biopsies performed on her lesions which came back negative but we know 100% its gluten related and she will NOT eat gluten again for the test – she still has cross contamination as we find she is now sensitive to corn and soy and dairy/eggs as well – so after reading this article i think we will try the activated charcoal to see if this will help heal her gut (leaky gut syndrome) and maybe one day she’ll be able to tolerate eggs/dairy again….but gluten definetely is over for her forever…good luck!

    • Myra Chandler says:

      The best thing a Dr. ever said to me was go Gluten free!! I did not love the idea but the horrible rashes which cause random burning and itching was unbearable! Now, after going gluten free my whole life has changed, wow ,the stomach aches , the burping, the burn , the itch, All gone. Never tempted to eat gluten again!

    • Koel Singh says:

      Mint oil helps a ton. Sure shot relief. Massage it on lightly over the areas with the rash.
      Keep it cool. Warmth will only aggravate the itching. Pure satiny cotton after all this will help too. My fiance had them too.. these were the only things that called him down enough to sleep.

      • Megan says:

        this is great!!!! – i will try the oil and activated charcoal. Most things Ive read about celiac can start as young as early teens. my significant other has been misdiagnosed for years and start experiencing the rash about 13 yo. it appears in teh common places for ‘celiac rash’ ie elbow crease, backs of knees, buttocks, and armpits. things were looking good for ~2weeks as we are transitioning to gluten free diet together but a few slip-ups with schedules and traveling and nothing to eat leaving us with a gluten filled meal – has caused his rash to break out in new areas. Like he’s even MORE sensitive to it. We cannot proceed with testing right now but it seems like most medical practitioners can’t always get it right. I wonder if he has DH but regardless – it needs to stop. love these comments and knowing we are not alone!

    • Maureen Kinig says:

      Essential oils work well for me…I’m also gluten sensitive, and I’ve had some shingles, too. Thank God for Essential oils or I’d be in big trouble.

    • Jamie Reynolds says:

      I realize I am a few months behind and hope you found relief for the rashes. I have Celiac but as well, systemic Candida which causes the rashes that everyone wants to heal from the outside. But it’s on the inside and surfaces. As a rash, itchy ears, nail fungus, a sore mouth to mention a few. Candida on top of gluten problems is very difficult and inhibits your eating furthermore. Restoring your gut flora can help along with avoidance. I unfortunately had to take treatment for Candida from the doctor. Then I try to protect and heal the gut.

    • Talavar says:

      This is just a shot in the dark, but he may want to get his vitamin D levels tested. I developed gluten intolerance, and allergic reactions to soap that I had used previously with no problems. IF you have low D it can actually cause adverse reactions to things.. Most people are actually vitamin D deficient and don’t even know it. The test he wants to have is 25(OH)D test.
      The only way I knew to have it tested was because my dad went and had his tested after suffering for 3 1/2 years with allergies, gluten intolerance, panic attacks, Blood pressure spikes, GI problems, muscle and bone pain. They sent him for every test under the sun with no answers other than “ulcers” which developed from an underlying cause. Finally a doctor from Italy ordered a D test. Normal levels are between 30-50.. His was 1! Anyway, they started him on 100,000 unit shots once per month, and he took daily suppliments for 3 months. He’s now able to eat anything, has no pain, his GI tract is healing up, no panic attacks, normal blood pressure. My doctor refused to order a D test for me, So I went to a lab myself and paid cash. Some places won’t do it without a script from a doctor, but I called around until I found one that would.

    • Kylie says:

      Yes! I had something just like this! Non stop severe hives for MONTHS! Like insane welts all over my body, not being able to sleep because I was so itchy kind of severe. The allergy center I went to was useless and was having me shove Zyrtec-like 16 a day- Allegra and all the anti histamines on the planet AND prednisone(hello moon face). Including the steroid shots thing. From doing my own research and trial and error, I came to realize it was a histamine intolerance. The foods I was eating were chuck full of histamines and the place we lived in at the time was old and we found out had a fair amount of mold. We were able to move(hopefully not so severe environmentally for your husband) and I went on no histamine diet for a little while. Hard to do since most protein is full of histamines, and no protein for me meant almost no physical strength. The freshest foods (anything that isn’t fresh starts decomposing and that creates tons of histamines), basically vegan but super low sugar too. No alcohol and all that kind of stuff. I was vigilant for a good while but after we moved, I started incorporating the higher histamine foods back into my system and I’ve been good since. I need to take an anti histamine every now and again, and I try to stay fairly aware of the histamines I eat, but it has basically gone away for the most part. Hope this helps!!!

    • Alexis says:

      Hi there,

      This sounds like Dermatitis Herpetiform, the skin condition to Celiac. It’s very itchy, and hard to treat. I am now completely gluten free, watch my iodine intake due to this affecting it, and only sea salt. There are many good medical articles on it.

      I have found cutting all gluten and grains helps yet the rash still cycles for awhile still. It’s a pain and painful. I also do not have any gluten in my home & use all shower products GF to be safe & lipsticks (DH is very sensitive).

      Hope this helps a bit.

  9. Nancy says:

    I have been suffering with this for years, never knew what it was. I would live on pepto. I am in my late seventies just understanding what’s wrong. It would be when I ate anything with white sauces. I work very hard at staying away from any dairy and gluten. Thank you for all your advise. It is so helpful.

  10. BH says:

    Okay so this sounds kind of dumb to ask I’m really new to this gluten and dairy free diet and it’s so hard with 4 others who cook in the same house. I wasn’t told something wasn’t gluten free had a bite the size of my thumbnail and within 13 minute’s was so sick I was in tears. I have always had horrible stomach pains and lots of health issues. I guess I’m in shock that within little time I got that sick. I have a super important day tomorrow and am miserable is there anything I can get that helps “instantly/would help me” get into my suit and ready to defend my client by 830am I’m desperate.

    • Paola van der Hulst says:

      Oh no I’m so sorry to hear BH! I get the same thing. I take active charcoal right away and a couple hours later a ginger capsule. Doesn’t make it 100% better, but helps a great deal xo!

      • BH says:

        Paola van der Hulst
        Thanks for the support and the advice. This is so new and odd to me that such a small bite can make someone so sick. This is one of those things I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. I never found the Active charcoal in powder is/does pill form make a big difference? Also thanks again for the advice🙌

  11. Brian G Elliott says:

    I am just realizing that I may have celiac disease and had a terrible bout of indigestion just a while ago. Well I read your post and tried the ginger tea and almost immediately I burped and burped several times. Now I am feeling relieved! Happy I found you.

  12. Marz says:

    I got the tiniest bit of gluten tonight and the baby is growing. It’s an unpleasant but perfect ball right under my sternum. So happy to find out ways to help undo it or at least help to get it out of my system faster. I will be getting activated charcoal in the morning. I have noticed in past glutenings that I am lactose intolerant for about 3 days. Seems like it’s been happening a lot lately. Time for a broth fast.

    So glad i found you!!

    • Paola says:

      I’ve actually been avoiding it as I know there’ll be A LOT of frustration 😂. I’ll tackle them in the fall for xmas, so fingers crossed!

  13. Monica S says:

    I cannot THANK YOU ENOUGH for this! I had the worst gluten episode last week. I ate out at a restaurant, ordered gluten free pasta, and I’m fairly certain they f&((* up my order and gave me regular pasta. You can imagine the ordeal! Pain, gas, 9 month gluten baby….

    My hubby ran to wholefoods ( a bit pricier but we couldnt wait for an amazon delivery!). He got the activated charcoal, new chapter ginger pills, and the fennel seed pills for consitpation. I cannot explain how much they all helped! Nausea and gastritis were gone with the ginger, and those fennel pills are a true MIRACLE!

    Thank you really!

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