Keto Speedy Comfort Food 🍕💨


gnom-gnom’s Keto Speedy Comfort Food Cookbook
gnom-gnom’s Keto Speedy Comfort Food Cookbook




We’ve got you covered

(and much more!)

Packed with speedy weeknight comfort foods and plenty of meal-prepping ideas. Ensuring your keto diet is not only nourishing your body, but your heart and soul too.


45+ Speedy Keto Comfort Foods eCookbook

Including 30+ brand new recipes and a handful of all-time favorites from the site!

Always keto and gluten free

Plus! 39 of the recipes are dairy free

p.s. Be sure to select the bundle deal at checkout with Keto Summer Favorites to save 40%!

A little preview  📺

For just $11.99!!

p.s. Be sure to select the bundle deal at checkout with Keto Summer Favorites to save 40%!

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  1. Michele Sweers says:

    Please let me know when you have this in hard copy. I, too, prefer that to e-books when it comes to cookbooks. Thx.

  2. suzann morin says:

    Paola, I LOVE your recipes and appreciate you very much for your hard work. You are doing GODS’ work, my dear. I am Just now jumping on the bandwagon. After seeing my niece 120 lbs. lighter and not even recognizing my nephew, her husband, I’ll be more than happy to jump in the deep end. I’ve been around the block a few times and I am convinced this is the way to go for weight loss, (that miserably, daunting “LAST 10-20 LBS”, come on, you know exactly what I’m saying. I bet you’re no stranger to the famous “LAST 10”. Been there, done that, got the T-shirt!
    My dear niece & nephew are no longer hurting, they’re off high BP, cholesterol, and pain meds so I can’t wait to be them. I’ve been around long enough to realize that the “fat farm in the sky” is getting closer & closer. it’s too late for me to die young, missed that train, but I am determined to “leave a good looking body and a beautiful mem-o-ry”. I am really looking forward to the “no pain” aspect of this Keto way of life. Long ago and far away, when I was just a tiny nugget of 15 years, I suffered my first horrendous back pain. The loyal, yet unwanted pain has remained for about 59 years. MY pain, and “last ten”, will soon be a distant “memory”.Thank you, again, Paola. Will gladly keep you in the loop and apprised of my progress. You are a caring, sweet person.

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