kale & ricotta pasta

kale & ricotta pasta. Got 20 minutes? OK guys, this is a super easy recipe. So easy, that I am sure many of you even have most of the ingredients already in your fridge. Will you own up to having some kale in your fridge overstaying its welcome? Well this recipe will put that kale to perfect use.

I do most of the cooking around the house, and this kale and ricotta pasta recipe (and its variations, see below), is part of my stuck-in-Mexico-City-traffic-need-to-eat-asap once I get home routine. Having said that, I would still serve them to friends at a casual dinner party (and I have).

And yes peeps, this is a gluten free blog! But nowadays who says that us celiacs cannot indulge in a good old pasta? My favourites are those made entirely out of brown rice (perhaps not the healthiest given the recent findings that there is a higher arsenic content in brown rice than white…but it is the only gf pasta which I have found that never disintegrates, no matter the sauce). Quinoa, corn and so on gf pastas might be great on the health level (and I do eat them quite a bit), but with raw sauces to avoid a mush catastrophe (more of that to come at a later post).

Now, in terms of quantities, this recipe adapts well. If you love your kale, just add more. If you love your garlic (me!), add more. Got some salmon? Grill it and add it on top. Catch my drift?

Don’t forget that kale loves a touch of lemon, particularly if there is salmon involved that day. And if you are not too big on citrus, a decent dose of lemon grind will do. Oh, and if you like it extra cheesy (can I say me again?) add a touch of Parmiggiano Reggiano on top (please go the extra mile here and avoid the American ‘parmesan cheese’… your palates will thank you).

Do yourself the favour of becoming addicted to this pasta.

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(vegan ‘n gluten free) salted chocolate tarts

(vegan & gluten free) salted chocolate tarts | gnom-gnom.com
(vegan & gluten free) salted chocolate tarts | gnom-gnom.com
(vegan & gluten free) salted chocolate tarts | gnom-gnom.com
(vegan & gluten free) salted chocolate tarts. If I had to describe these (salted) chocolate tarts in just one word, awesome would be it.

These (rather decadent) chocolate tarts are proof that flavour need not be sacrificed for the sake of healthier ingredients. The filling is rich and smooth, definitely leaving you to wonder about the whole vegan part of the equation. And the hazelnut and thyme pairing of the crust is well, just divine.

With winter comes a bit of decadence, and these chocolate tarts definitely fit the mould. I personally like to use pure cacao paste, but the next best thing would be 99% cacao chocolate (Lindt makes it). Also, while the ground chia seeds may seem unimportant- do not omit them, as they are what binds the whole thing together.

And hey, if hazelnuts are not your thing, just do the tartlet cases all almond. But I personally love the hazelnut-chocolate combo (hint hint! Nutella). I also like to make these tartlets as a 50-50 chocolate-filling-to-hazelnut-crust ratio, but feel free to play around. These are no chocolate soufflé, so feel free to adjust ratios such as sweetness a bit according to taste.

Just do not forget to sprinkle a touch of great quality salt right before serving (I favour Maldon), or a pink himalayan will work great as well.

p.s. the chocolate filling is also pretty amazing on (warm) toast. Fairly similar in taste to the Dutch hagelslag (chocolate sprinkles).

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(gluten free) buckwheat pancakes

(gluten free) buckwheat pancakes. These guys are undoubtedly my pancake staple. Way (way) better than the common ground pancakes- plus, they are pretty healthy. Fluffy and full of flavour, it is hard to believe these are gluten free (no one I’ve served them to can).

Plus, they can become vegan by substituting the eggs with chia eggs (ground chia soaked in water) and by substituting the yoghurt with a little extra almond milk. Do note, however, that they always come out fluffier when made with eggs rather than chia. Substituting the yoghurt is no biggie.

Add sliced bananas, blueberries (my favourite), and most definitely (good quality) maple syrup.

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