Suuuper Easy Pad Thai 🍜 gluten free, keto & paleo


  1. says:

    I enjoyed going to your webiste. I rarely leave
    comments, but
    you definately deserve a thumbs up!

  2. Gigi Fergus says:

    Made this tonight and followed the recipe exactly. My husband who refuses to eat “keto” ate this and his comment was, “I’m impressed.” High praise, indeed!

    Actually this is very easy to make and the taste is excellent. Thanks and I will be coming back to try more of your recipes. Wish there was a way to post the pic I took — it really came out wonderfully.

  3. Jessica says:

    The ingredients says coconut aminos but the link goes to regular Braggs aminos. Do they need to be coconut or not? Thanks!

  4. Beverly Ticer says:

    Did you use Bragg Liquid aminos or Braggs liquid coconut aminos. Only asking cause the link takes me to just the regular Braggs liquid aminos. Can’t wait to try the recipe!

  5. Victoria H says:

    This recipe is amazing! My boyfriend and I loved it so much we were fighting over the leftovers. I didn’t use the molasses but it came out fine. I’ll definitely be saving this recipe for future use.

  6. Amanda says:

    Hi. I don’t have 2 tablespoons xylitol or erythritol. Can I use stevia as a substitute? I’m not doing Keto or whole 30. Thanks

    • Paola says:

      I don’t think you would quite get the taste with stevia tbh Amanda… but if you aren’t doing keto could you do something like coconut sugar or honey? xo!

      • Jill Vandersterre says:

        I just made it using Monk Fruit Sweetner (which from what i read online is keto friendly & better than stevia) and it the recipe tastes great! I also left out the molasses.

  7. Andrew says:

    This. Was. Amazing! We are still new-ish to Keto and I have been dying for Pad Thai. Hit the nail on the head. Our first time trying Miracle Noodles, couldn’t tell a difference.

    Only subbed the sweetener with truvia (2tsp), only 1 tbsp of the peanuts and cooked the eggs in a separate.

    Cannot than you enough!

  8. Rhoda says:

    In the Shirataki Pad Thai you give the nutritional value per serving but I cannot find the amount of servings in the recipe…

  9. Allison says:

    This tasted good, but keep in mind that coconut aminos have sugar, some brands more than others. The lowest sugar brand I found has one carb per tsp, which means about 4 carbs in this recipe. The Trader Joe’s version has even more sugar.

  10. Sandi Dranchak says:

    Hi! Just wanted to ask how you ended up with a carb count of 2 grams? I entered recipe into MyFitnessPal and it came out to be 25 grams! I even omitted the molasses. I didn’t check but I’m also pretty sure there wasn’t 23 grams of fiber. Can’t wait to try it though as Thai is one of my favorite cuisines!

  11. Tracy D says:

    Shut the fish sauce front door!!! I made it according to your recipe and it was absolutely amazing. Who knew Keto Pad Thai could be as good as my favorite Thai restaurant??!! Gnom-gnom did that’s who. It was so good it will be made weekly ( or more 🙂

  12. Autumn says:

    Holy schnikes….

    This was amaaaaaazing. I made chicken bc I couldn’t get fresh shrimp last night at the store. But I just added some extra stevia to the sauce and lime juice and it was perrrrrfect. Def will be remaking this! I also added some carrots and some cabbage for some crunch.

  13. Mikaelah M Morocco says:

    hi again! I just called the Miracle Noodle company and they said ‘no’ to freezing leftovers and said it would be good in the fridge for two days. Next time I won’t make so much! I really hate to waste it. 🙂

  14. Mikaelah M Morocco says:

    I made this for the second time tonight. It is SO good!!! I did not have any of the fettuccini noodles – but I did have the Miracle rice – so used that instead. Reminded me of awesome fried rice. Question: Do you know if leftovers can be frozen – wondering how the Miracle noodles hold up after being frozen. Thank you!!!

  15. Kelli says:

    Have you tried left overs if this? I’m trying to meal prep and missing pad thai so much that I got excited for this! Just not sure how well the noodles do over a day or two in the fridge.

  16. Sarat says:

    Awesome recepie .. Posted just in time when I restarted my keto after a month’s break .. have tried the shrimp version and yet to try the chicken version … Thank you ..

  17. Kim says:

    I’m in heaven and can’t believe this is low carb!! I’m not going to lie though – when I opened that pack of noodles and caught a whiff, I wasn’t sure how this was going to turn out!! My fiancee walked in and wanted to know where the “dead fish” smell was coming from hahaha!!!
    But this really is delicious!! Thank you!!

    • Paola says:

      Oh lol Kim definite yes on the noodles the first time around, I was like whaaaaaat…..?! The rice version can be pretty awesome too! So happy you enjoyed the recipe though, and thanks for reporting back again! xo

  18. Milovat says:

    I found this website looking for a pad thai recipe using konjac noodles. I made this recipe and it’s actually better than most pad thai I’ve eaten at thai restaurants. I added in some lemongrass and made mine with chicken, shrimp, and tofu. VERY good. I have since also tried another recipe from your blog – the super fudgey brownies and also my favorite brownie recipe! Thanks!

    • Paola says:

      Oh wow that’s wonderful to Hera Milovat! And I LOVE your addition of lemongrass! Also awesome to hear about the brownies, those are def top 5 favorites of mine too 😉 xo!

  19. Donna says:

    OOPS…totally neglected to read your note with the almond sub!!! So sorry and should have realised you amazingly think of everything…and everyone’s particular eating lifestyle situations!

  20. Donna says:

    Cannot WAIT to make this recipe…but…but…are peanuts paleo or keto compliant?! Not sure I can imagine Pad Thai without some kind of peanut…or at least some kind of crunchy nut factor!! Thank you for your endless ingenuity and creativity in devising all of this lusciousness.

    • Paola says:

      Lol! So happy to hear you’re enjoying the recipes Donna! Peanuts aren’t paleo because they’re a legume, but they’re lower in carbs than almonds so technically keto? There are different thoughts on this, I say go with what your own body says (for instance, they work great for me but cause immediate inflammation for my mom who has arthritis). Hope this helped xo!

  21. Kim says:

    Hi Paola! I love your recipes. I wanted to add (as someone that uses Miracle Rice a lot), you can microwave the noodles in order to dry them out and to greatly reduce their odor. I drain them in a sieve, then microwave them for 2 minutes. Drain the water released and then microwave for another minute or two. They’re usually pretty dry and have almost no odor. I know some people are against using the microwave and obviously, this method would not be for them. But for others, like myself, it is very fast, easy, and effective. *the length of time might vary on different noodles* Also, I have a 1000W microwave – as an FYI.

    • Paola says:

      Kim this is an AWESOME tip thank you for sharing!! I actually don’t own a microwave (total hippy food blogger here lol!), but always SUPER helpful to readers 🙂 xo and have a lovely weekend!

  22. Casey Fernandez says:

    I made this tonight (with chicken and tofu-shirataki fettuccine noodles) and I could hardly even tell that it wasn’t the real thing. I can do keto forever with recipes like this.

  23. Vanessa says:

    Great recipe! Thought the sauce tasted gross on its own so I was concerned. But all mixed together, it totally worked and was delicious! Pretty darn close to the beloved carb-laden original. Will definitely make again.

    • Paola says:

      Lol yeah the sauce on it’s own has a very distinctive taste! So happy you enjoyed Vanessa than you!

  24. Shantelle C Stephens says:

    This was wonderful, I made this for my husband and I tonight and everything was magnífico! Thank you, your recipes are written so well and easy to follow for me. I just discovered your blog a few weeks ago and already this is my 5th recipe of yours. Your photography is what got me here, but the amazing food keeps me coming back.

  25. Jane Ritchuk says:

    Made this last night for hubby and I. He got some regular pasta in his and I just got more bean sprouts. He was very satisfied with his meal and asked me to make it again. Mine was absolutely delish even without any noodles. I cant find the noodles in the recipe so just settled for without. Still absolutely fabulous and I was totally satisfied.

  26. Penny says:

    Made this twice already, it’s amazing! I love the texture of shirataki noodles and the sauce is so flavourful, I didn’t notice their flavour. Thanks for the recipe!

    • Paola says:

      So happy you enjoyed the pad Thai too Penny! And thanks so much for reporting back, appreciate it so very much! xo!

  27. Sidd says:

    I just made this with chicken and it was absolutely amazing!!!! I can’t believe I’m eating a low carb dish. It tastes just like the real thing!!! You are a star!! 🙂

  28. Rayan says:

    Delicious recipe, but I ended up with a stomach ache and discomfort due to the miracle noodles. I looked at the reviews of miracle noodles, and it might have been that I ate too many or it just doesn’t agree with me. Might be good for others to start with smaller portions to see if it agrees with them.

    • Paola says:

      Hi Rayan! Thank you so much about reporting back with this, I just did a quick google on the matter and it does say that if eaten in excess (and/or not chewed thoroughly or consumed with enough water) it can cause discomfort in some peeps. I’ll add a note to the post! xo! P

  29. Dany N says:

    I started with a silly grin after the first bite and couldn’t help but smile until I was done eating the whole thing! THANK YOU for bringing Pad Thai back into my life!

  30. Jean says:

    I’ve made this one a few times already with both chicken and shrimp and I must say that were it not for the shirataki it would taste EXACTLY like pad thai! Damn shirataki lol! But in all honesty thank you for this recipe, no longer crave takaway now!

  31. Bird Girl says:

    This was outstanding. The noodles were unremarkable–just what I’m looking for in a dish like this–and the shrimp and flavors were perfect. Next time, I won’t forget the green onion at the store!

    • Paola says:

      For Asian foods you generally want lime (the green one!). I’m pretty sure it’s always read lime?! Enjoy Kay! x

  32. Anna says:

    Probably the best post I’ve seen all month! I just got my miracle noodles at Walmart and I’m making a quick chicken version tonight!

      • Anna says:

        DELICIOUS!! Pad thai flavors were spot on! I also didn’t mind the shirataki noodles here, and I had hated them in carbonara! I guess pad thai noodles are on the chewy side anyways thnx!

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