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  1. Good morning!

    I really enjoy your website and recipes! I am writing to thank you for putting out such an amazing work. These images are wonderful. I have a webpage myself where I post recipes that are compatible with my health issues and was looking to improve my food photos. Do you have any tips you could give me such as what camera lenses to use, where to take the photos, etc.. Any help is much appreciated! Keep up the excellent work!

    PS: I currently shoot with a canon and use the 50mm f1/4 lens.

    Ana Stephania

  2. Stephanie says:

    Super lindo sitio. Gracias. Sabes donde comprar almond meal en DF? Estoy cellisca también y estoy en DF unos meses. Conoces algunos lugares que hacen pasteles sin gluten?
    Muchas gracias.

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