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Extra Fluffy Marshmallows ☁ gluten free, keto & paleo


  1. Hailee says:

    I’m thinking of using this recipe to top a “sweet potato” casserole for Thanksgiving! When heated, do the marshmallows “liquify” a bit and melt well? Thank you!

  2. Odile says:

    I’ll definitely try this but I’m looking for a recipe to use the farmers market pastured egg WHITES I have too many of because I put the yolk in my bulletproof cocoa every morning. Any ideas?

  3. Rhea98 says:

    Wow! So good. I did xylitol with a few drops of stevia glycerite and sucralose. I had no idea marshmallows were so easy. Thank you.

  4. Ali says:

    I love eating these by themselves as a sweet snack. Any thoughts on adding flavors to the marshmallows themselves? Wondering about adding cacao powder or a fruit extract.

  5. Anne says:

    I made these with about half xylitol and half granulated Splenda since that’s all I had on hand, and they are amazing! Too sweet for me (probably because of the Splenda) but other people thought they were just right so that’s just a personal thing.
    I did find they started to set along the side of the mixing bowl maybe halfway through the fifteen minutes. I’m not sure what I got wrong, but since I was making the moon pies anyway and just needed a thin layer, it worked out okay.

    Paola, did any of your test batches set way too quickly? Thanks!

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